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September 2010 Newsletter

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President: Mary Sarmiento

1st VP: Rick Greenwell

2nd VP: Pam Felgenhauer

Treasurer: Wendy Greenwell

Secretary: Randy Domingos

Members:  Bill Cox
               Joe Artes 
               Ernie Lopez
               Ron Dotson



Calendar of Events


Our Topic - "Waterfowl Hunting"

Wednesday, September 8th
Animal Medical Center
600 Broadway, El Cajon

September 11th - Ladies only training day.
Look for details via e-mail.

September 18th - The Safety Shoot, Lemon Grove Rod And Gun Club in Alpine.
5-Stand and Trap - $5.00 fee per Shooter to cover cost of Targets

Pot Luck Lunch
Bring your favorite side dish
Burgers and Hot Dogs provided by the SDSDC

Please RSVP to Wendy Greenwell
by Wed. 9/15/10
619-390-9412 or e-mail: minpins12@cox.net
Please include what side dish or desert
you will be bringing
Printable PDF flier.

Recent Events

Training Day, August 14th, 2010

By Randy Domingos


We met at the Sarmiento's and did yard and training table work.  Attending were Ed Marr, Pam Felgenhauer, Rick Greenwell, Randy Domingos, Trevor Niarchos along with new member nominees Suzy Lorenzen and Corey Magers with his Boykin Spaniel.  Thanks Mary for taking the time to help us with our dogs.

Ed and Koda working on trained retrieve.

Randy and Wyatt also working on trained retrieve. 

Rick and Mary working Hank.

Greenwells Goldeneye Hank.

Suzy Lorenzen and America work with Mary.

Trevor and Mary work Brandy on trained retrieve.



Remembering A Great Dog

By Randy Domingos


The Club has lost one of our great dogs with the death of Rio, the Sarmiento's English Cocker.  Oak Alley Cardinal aka "Rio" passed away at the age of 11 of pancreatitus and liver failure.  Rio qualified for the Nationals three times, placed second and third in 3 shoot to retrieves and placed 1st twice in SDSDC Fall Classics.  Rio was always a joy to watch work and or condolences go out to the Sarmiento's and Jim Phillips who was fortunate to work over Rio at our Shoot to Retrieves.

Jim and Rio out of the starting gate.


Upcoming Events


Inland Valley Retriever Club Hunting Retriever Field Test - September 18th & 19th.

The Inland Valley Retriever club will be hosting a NAHRA event at Prado on September 18th and 19th. Attached is the final interactive IVRC NAHRA premium for the September test. You need Adobe Acrobat 9 to fill out the form. There are 3 ways to do this. You can print the premium out and manually fill in the fields, fill in the fields using your keyboard and then print it out or fill in the fields (print a copy for your records) and then email the forms to me using the red button at the end. At this point we do not have a way for online payment, so payment maybe sent by snail mail to the address on the premium. See you August 7th for the IVRC training day and meeting. Click here for information on the NAHRA or to complete the Premium click here. If you have any questions please contact Pam Felgenhauer or Biff Ellington.

The San Diego Sporting Dog Club has several events coming up this fall. So mark your calendar for these exciting events.

October 13th general meeting topic: Pheasant hunting tips

October 30th – 31st Training Day and SDSDC Fall Classic.

November 3rd (Special General Meeting Date) – topic: Pointing Breeds Hunt test

November 6th - Training day and mock hunt test.

November 13th – Pheasant season opening day.

December 11th – SDSDC Shoot to Retrieve event.

2010 SDSDC Gun Raffle


2010 SDSDC Gun Raffle

By Pam Felgenhauer

The San Diego Sporting Dog Club will individually raffle off two SPR310 shotguns, one 28 gauge and one 12 gauge at the SDSDC Banquet January 15th, 2011.  The raffle is open to California residents only.  The guns must be picked up at Hi-Pass Sports.  The winner must be eligible to own a firearm under California law and need not be present to win.  Winners must complete their paperwork and all California laws and waiting periods apply.  Tax and DROS fees are included.  Anyone wishing to see these new guns can do so at; Hi-Pass Sports 2435 Alpine Blvd #B Alpine, CA.  619-445-4039.  The Club will not refund the ticket costs to a winner who is not eligible to own a firearm under California law.  In the event a winner is disqualified from owning the gun a new winner will be chosen from the remaining tickets.

Remington SPR310
Over/Under with
Walnut stock.  12 ga.
28" barrel, 3"chamber
and four chokes.
Full, Cylinder,
Imp. Cyl. & Modified.

28 ga.- 26" barrel
fixed Modified &
Imp. Cylinder chokes.
Both have an auto selective ejector,
Chrome lined bore
and Ventilated rib


Tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20.  The tickets are printed with the the information as to which gun the ticket is valid for.  All tickets must be filled out with the required information including name, phone number and returned to the SDSDC prior to the drawing January 15th, 2011.  After the winners have taken possession their names will be posted on the club website.


The Board of Directors Meeting Report

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, August 11th, 2010. Present were Board members Mary Sarmiento, Rick Greenwell, Pam Felgenhauer, Wendy Greenwell, Randy Domingos, Ernie Lopez, Ron Dotson. Ed Marr also attended most of the meeting. 

Old Business

July minutes were approved as published in the August Newsletter.

Bird Boxes

Wendy is to write a check for $600 for the purchase of the used bird boxes. Ernie is to complete the purchase.

B of A

Pam has completed the closing of the B of A bank account. All club funds are now in the Point Loma Credit Union account.

Safety Shoot

Will be held September 18th at the Lemon Grove Rod and Gun Club. We will be shooting 5 stand. We will have a pot luck BBQ afterwards. The club will provide non-alcoholic beverages and the meat. Rick will put together a flier for the event.

Rules Committee

Pam will email Rick all the club’s existing rules for review.

SDSDC Picnic

Ed Marr and Don Flanagan brought raffle items to the picnic but left prior to the raffle exchange. Mary will make arrangements to get the final two raffle items to Ed and Donald.

Snake Break

The club made $1025 at the High On Kennels snake break event. There was a misunderstanding with Tracy Presson, owner High On Kennels as to the splitting of the proceeds. Instead of making $15 per dog on the $75 fee the club made $37.50 per dog as Tracy splits the fee 50/50 with dog clubs. In addition Tracy trained 2 of the volunteers dogs at no charge for volunteering. Volunteers had 4 dogs at the event. To make it fair to all volunteers at next years break the club will absorb the cost of additional volunteers dogs.

New Business


Pam presented applications for Gary Klingener and James Harris. Gary attended the snake break and the picnic. James attended the snake break and is the son of long time member Pat Harris. Both were unanimously voted into the club.

2011 Snake Break

Tracy Presson’s schedule for 2011 is filling up. Wendy is to call Joe Artes to contact Tracy for securing a date for our event, possibly June 4th, 2011. Additionally Joe is to inquire about an April date for a snake break in the Imperial Valley as a fundraiser. Possibly in conjunction with the Imperial Valley Sporting dog Club. The club may also use Sam Madamba for the April event or an additional event in San Diego County.

SDSDC stickers

Pam is to compile a list of members that do not have SDSDC stickers so everyone can have one. Mary has suggested that all new members get a welcome pack that includes stickers.

SDSDC gun raffle

Pam is to send James Harris raffle tickets to sell.

Treasures Report

Wendy did not have the report available at the time of the meeting but has forwarded it on since then. The amendment to the minutes are as follows.
In PLCU bank account $6448.74. For the picnic cost was $220.91. Made from snake break $1025.00. Flowers for Scruggs $54.35. $52.00 was spent for Padre tickets raffled at the July meeting. $600.00 check was written for the bird boxes leaving in account total $5848.74.

General Membership Meeting Report August 11th 2010

Thanks to Biff Ellington who gave a presentation on running your retriever in an NAHRA event.  It's not to late to enter the September event so if your interested the information is included in this newsletter.  We also had a new member applicant come to the meeting, Suzy Lorenzen and her husband have three German Shothaired Pointers.  Welcome Suzy.  


Welcome New Members


The SDSDC would like to welcome Gary Klingener and James Harris into the club.  Gary has a young and energetic Wire Haired Pointing Griffon.  James raises German Shorthair Pointers.


So You Think You Don't Need Pet Insurance

Another Option

By Biff Ellington


I have a insurance story that i thought I would pass on. We have a Pets Best policy. It is a accidental injury policy that covers most things a hunting dog could get into. Broken limbs, snake/insects bites, etc. Doesn't cover cancer, birth defects. It runs us $10/month, $100 deductible per incident and after that pays 80/20. We could not be more happy with the company. Misty has had several emergency visits. Foxtail in paw. Several incidents of insect bites. The crown and I hope last escapade was last season hunting a Milo field in Mexico. We were blocking at the end with the field in front and a cement irrigation canal behind us. I dropped a big rooster on the other side of the canal. Sent Misty and she jumped the canal and brought back the bird. When I took the bird from her there was allot of blood coming out. When I looked in her mouth her lower left canine was at 90 degrees and also missing 3 incisors. Ouch! I assume she planted her face into the cement side of the canal. So we quit hunting and headed back to San Diego. Got her to the ER where they kept her overnight ($800) and then she went to the oral surgeon specialist($2300). She is doing fine though her tongue hangs out to the left now.\ :-) After the $100 deductible they paid 80% ($2400). The doc did a teeth cleaning but that was the only thing that wasn't covered. I used to have VIP, but what I like so much about Pets Best is there are no schedules. There is a lifetime max of $15000

If you would like to look into Pets Best use this link to their site.  www.petsbest.com

Legislative Alert


From FIDO (Fiesta Island Dog Owners)

The location for the Tuesday, September 7 Workshop has been announced: 

City of San Diego Park and Recreation Board 
Tuesday, September 7, 2010 

**To begin directly after the end of the 
Mission Bay Park Improvement Fund Oversight Committee Meeting 
which begins at 6:00 PM** 

Marina Village, Captains Room 
1936 Quivira Way 
San Diego, CA 92109 
(Note Time Change and Location ) 

The current plan is much better than the original plan, but we still need to protect our area. While the road through the area has been moved to one side, we may still be impacted by special events which will kick us out of parts of the area every time they are held. 

While we support most of the plan, here are some of the changes we would still like to see and the reasons we feel they are reasonable: 

1. The bisecting road will go all the way to the south beach (across from Sea World) and there will be a parking lot and playground at the beach. We feel this is an unnecessary expense and would like to see the road shortened and the parking lot pulled back even with the top of the east cove (Hidden Anchorage, where the water skiers have a dock). This would leave the southeast area of the fenced off-leash open and available for off-leash use. Plus, the costs would be significantly less. 

2. Continue to ask the paddlers to move their location to one of the suitable sites in M B Park where the infrastructure is already in place (roads, parking lots, bathrooms, etc). This would remove the conflict between paddlers and dog owners which we are concerned will ultimately result in our loss of the south beach. This would significantly decrease the overall cost. 

3. There is a large enclosed turf event area planned for the north end of the area (the North gate area where the bulletin board is located). We would prefer to have native plantings in this area as it will hold up better to dog use; and again, cost significantly less. 

Our requests support the argument that they should not build another event area, especially in the off-leash dog park, when South Shores has already been built up with all the infrastructure and sits completely underutilized. They should utilize an area where the city has already spent millions to grade an above tidal zone beach, installed turf, a gazebo, bathrooms and parking. We know our solution makes the best financial sense for the city and taxpayers and at the same time minimizes conflicts between users. 

Without support, we cannot hope to save our area. Please show up to the next meetings on September 7th and October 5th. Fill out a speaker slip to indicate that you are a FIDO member and want to preserve our natural off-leash area. 

AB 2376 - DFG reorganization

AB 2376 made it out of committee, through the Senate and is now on its way to the Governor for signature.

From the NRA

Tuesday, August 31, lawmakers in the Golden State heard loud and clear the voices of pro-gun advocates when they defeated three dangerous pieces of anti-gun legislation.

Assembly Bill 1810 would have established a registration system, similar to the one currently in place for handguns, for all newly-acquired long guns. Under AB1810, the make, model and serial number of the firearm as well as the identifying information of the purchaser would have been recorded and kept on file by the California Attorney General’s office. 

If AB1810 were enacted, violent criminals would have continued doing what they do now – obtain firearms through illegal means. This bill would not have decreased crime but would have rather had disastrous effects on the already financially unstable Golden State. AB1810 would have imposed additional burdens on California’s taxpayers to maintain the registration system as well as on the state’s licensed firearms dealers, small businesses who already deal with extensive business requirements. 

Assembly Bill 1934 was a blatant attack on the self-defense rights of law-abiding Californians. This legislation sought to outlaw the open carrying of a handgun for self-defense. 

AB1934 was a knee-jerk reaction by anti-gun legislators to punish citizens for engaging in the legal act of openly carrying an unloaded handgun. In reality, the open carrying of firearms by law-abiding citizens is forced by California's unfair concealed carry law, which allows some citizens from some counties to receive a permit to carry, while their neighbors in the next county are denied that basic right for political, not public safety, reasons.

Assembly Bill 2358 was intended to “clean-up” and address problems encountered with the passage of AB962 in 2009. Make no mistake about it; this bill did nothing to improve AB962 for California’s gun owners. In fact, it would have made things far worse. AB2358 was even recently amended to include common rifle ammunition like .223 and 7.62 x 39. 

AB2358 would have forced licensed state ammunition retailers to obtain a special local license to operate in municipalities. These retailers would also have been required to notify local law enforcement before conducting business within their jurisdiction. 

Moreover, this bill mandated that ammunition retailers submit sales records to local law enforcement agencies and allowed them to maintain those records indefinitely. It did not require the same privacy and destruction requirements mandated for state ammunition vendors.

Passage of AB2358 would have made it difficult for ammunition retailers to sell ammunition at sporting events and gun shows. It would also have left law abiding Californian gun owners vulnerable to identity theft and political persecution by local, anti-gun politicians.

Around the Fire Hydrant


Volunteer needed to attend the San Diego County Wildlife federation Meetings and report back to the club.  Meetings are Held at the Sizzler Restaurant on Aero Drive.  Contact Joe Artes for additional details.

Newsletter Submissions:
To submit an article, brag, recipe or want ad to the SDSDC Newsletter please send an E-Mail to:  RandyDomingos@sandiegosportingdogclub.org

E-Collars Information:

Steve Sarmiento is now a Tri-Tronics representative and can help you with information and purchasing Tri-Tronics collars. 

If you are thinking about getting an e-collar, and want to do some research, go to this link
  www.gundogsupply.com/dog-training-collars-buyers-guide.html for a lot of  information.

Training Opportunities:
Pam and Mary are holding obedience classes in Alpine, North County and Lakeside. Basic obedience for puppies and adults, behavior issues, rescued dogs, AKC Canine Good Citizen classes and Puppy Star classes. Also available for private in home lessons. Call for details 619-659-9393 or 619-442-5354 or email muscat54@gmail.com.

Steve Sarmiento is accepting dogs for training.  Cost is $650 per month and includes birds.  Take advantage of the off season and get your dog trained up.  Contact Steve at 619-659-9393 or sssarmi@gmail.com

Dog Portraits (and other art):
Have your best friend and hunting partner immortalized in a commissioned painting. Visit the website of SDSDC member Ron Dotson.

For your shooting needs:
Hi-Pass Sports 2435 Alpine Blvd #B Alpine, CA 619 445-4039. 

For Sale & Must Have

FOR SALE:  Remington 870 Wingmaster, 20 gauge, 28" barrel with a fixed full choke.  Good overall condition with a few scratches and some wear showing on the bluing and the stock.  No rust, shoots great.  I have three Wingmasters and this one never gets used.  $250 or reasonable offer, buyer pays transfer fees.  Contact Randy Domingos if interested.  619-895-8608 or e-mail doktari@cox.net

FOR SALE: Command Leads and Leather Collars – Call Steve Sarmiento for details. 619-701-2089

FOR SALE: Training birds for sale, Pigeons, Chukar and Pheasants . Contact Steve Sarmiento at 619-659-9393


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