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October 2010 Newsletter

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President: Mary Sarmiento

1st VP: Rick Greenwell

2nd VP: Pam Felgenhauer

Treasurer: Wendy Greenwell

Secretary: Randy Domingos

Members:  Bill Cox
               Joe Artes 
               Ernie Lopez
               Ron Dotson

Pam, Reed and their two AKC Junior Test Ribbons


Calendar of Events


General Membership Meeting
Our Topic - "How to hunt a field"
Nick Bechtel from the DFG Game Heritage Program will be our guest speaker.
We will also be discussing the upcoming Fall Classic.

Wednesday, October 13th, 7:00PM
Animal Medical Center
600 Broadway, El Cajon

October 8th - COHA pheasant hunt at Rahauges
COHA entry form and information

October 9th -
Waterfowl opener, Northeastern Zone and San Joaquin Valley

October 16th -
Quail and Chukar opener

October 23rd -
Waterfowl opener, Southern California

October 30th & 31st
SDSDC Fall Classic - Imperial Valley
Look for details in this Newsletter

November 3rd (Special General Meeting Date)
– topic: Pointing Breeds Hunt test

November 6th - Training day and mock hunt test.

November 13th – Pheasant season opening day.

December 11th – SDSDC Shoot to Retrieve event.

Recent Events

Safety Shoot, September 18th, 2010

By Randy Domingos


We had another successful Safety Shoot this year at the Lemon Grove Rod & Gun Club.  We got off to a slow start due to a scheduling conflict on the range and got started a little bit later than we had hoped.  Joe Artes and Ron Dotson showed up early to set up and had things well under control.  Jimmie Phillips kept things safe and moving along.  Jimmie and Rick Greenwell kept score.  Mike Linville worked the BBQ like a pro and the lunch was great.  We would like to thank Rick for his hard work in putting this event together.  It was a long process of finding a date that would work for both the SDSDC and the Gun Club.

James Reichstadt with his semi-auto

Rick Greenwell at the controls

Mike and Trevor working the grille


NAHRA Test, September 18th & 19th, 2010

By Pam Felgenhauer


SDSDC members had a great time at the NAHRA tests this weekend! Here's the list of the passes:

James Reichstadt & Ember at Hunter

Brad Fenton and Tater at Started

Drew Castetter (new potential member) & Remi passed (2) Started

Reed & I passed (2) Started

Biff Ellington and Misty got their Grand Master Hunter title

MIke Moran and Roxy passed Started and Hunter

Dan Denhart and Tika passed (2) Started

Reed passed both AKC Junior Hunt tests the weekend of September 25th at the Great Western Flat-Coated Retriever Club event at Prado. It was way toooooo hot. It was 105 on Saturday and 117 on Sunday. Miserable conditions. The Dogs seemed fine. I kept them hydrated and as cool as possible. I kept spraying them down with water. I even ran the A/C when it got really hot. They were tough tests and he did great. Took Decoy with me and they were so exhausted from the heat and running they crashed at the hotel. :). 

On Saturday 43 dogs ran and 15 passed. Sunday 39 dogs ran and 21 passed. Not something you want to see in Jr. tests. You want a majority to pass so they get interested and go on to other stakes. 

I don't think the heat had too much factor in why the dogs didn't pass. These were the hardest Junior Hunt tests I have ever seen. There were a lot of new handlers and young dogs. Most of the dogs are field bred and they don't care what the conditions are they just want the retrieves! There were no dogs ( and there were over 100 running) that had heat stroke or any ill effects. The people however were another thing


Upcoming Events


San Diego Sporting Dog Club Fall Classic
October 30th 2010, Training Day
October 31st 2010, Fall Classic

The Fall Classic is a traditional SDSDC event. There are different stakes and first through third place trophy's are awarded in each stake. The Pointing Dog and Flushing Dog stakes have perpetual trophy's that are awarded. The other stakes are Pointing Puppy and Companion Hunting Dog Stake. 

We will be having a training day on the 30th, and the event on the 31st. we are in the process of obtaining grounds in the Imperial Valley where overnight camping is available. 

Below are the requirements for each stake. 

Classic Stake Rules

Companion Hunting Dog Stake 

The Stake will be open to all breeds, only one dog at a time will be ran, and the time limit will be 10 minutes in the bird field. The time will start when the first dog enters the field. The course will consist of a very short back course and bird field. Two birds per dog will be released.

The dog will be judged on the following aspects:

a. The ability to be under field control at all times. This means the dog should respond to handler commands at all times 

b. To hunt for their handler in a manner that produces birds within gun range. The pointing dog breed must establish point, but need not hold point and the flushing breeds must flush the bird, but does not need to sit on the flush. 

c. The dog will not be required to be steady to wing and shot, but if the dog chases a flushed bird they will not be shot at if the gunner feels that the shot may endanger the dog.

d. The dog will not be required to retrieve, but the handler must obtain any down birds with or without the dog's help. 

e. A dog that, in the judge's mind, appears to be over qualified for this stake will not be placed.

Pointing Hunting Dog Stake 

The Stake will be open to point dog breeds only, two dogs at a time will be ran, and the time limit will be 10 minutes in the bird field. The time will start when the first dog enters the field. The course will consist of a very short back course and bird field. Two birds per dog will be released. 

The dog will be judged on the following aspects:

a. The ability to be under field control at all times. This means the dog should respond to handler commands at all times 

b. To hunt for their handler in a manner that produces and points birds within gun range. 

c. The dog will be required to be steady to wing, but not shot.

d. The dog will be required to retrieve to with in a reasonable distance of the handler.

e. The dog is not required to back, but will be faulted if they steal point.

Flushing Dog stake. 

The Stake will be open flushing dog breeds, only one dog at a time will be ran, and the time limit will be 10 to 15 minutes depending on conditions. Two birds per dog will be released.

The dog will be judged on the following aspects:

a. The dog's hunting abilities, which consists of desire, intelligence, bird finding, and field pattern.

b. The dog's flushing style, which consists of boldness, steady to wing, but not to shot.

c. The quality of the dogs retrieve, which will be the mark, style, perseverance, and the manner the bird is delivered to the handler after the retrieve. 

d. The ability to be under field control at all times. This means the dog should respond to handler commands at all times 

Pointing Puppy stake. 

The Stake will be open pointing dog breeds under 18 months, only one dog at a time will be ran, and the time limit will be 10 minutes depending on conditions. Two birds per dog will be released.

The dog will be judged on the following aspects:

a. The dog's hunting abilities, which consists of desire, intelligence, bird finding and field pattern.

b. The dog must establish point, but need not hold it.

c. This will be a non-shooting stake so retrieving is not required. 

d. A blank pistol will be fired after bird contact.

e. The dog must show some abilities to be under field control. 

Cost is $45 per entry for your first dog and $40 for each additional dog. Pre-registration is required so we can determine how many pheasants to bring.  If you are attending the Saturday, October 30th training day please let us know how many training birds you will need.
To register send the following information to Mary Sarmiento:

Dog Name
Handler Name

2010 SDSDC Gun Raffle

Gun Raffle ticket sales are lagging behind so the club has decided to award a prize to the member who sells the most tickets.  Expect it to be a training related item.  Gun Raffle tickets make for great gift items especially birthdays and stocking stuffers for Christmas.  Don't forget to turn your sold ticket stubs in for the drawing.  Tickets are available at the General Membership meeting if you need more to sell.  If you can't make it to the meeting mail you completed stubs and funds to: Pam Felgenhauer, 1660 Lotus Lane, El Cajon, Ca, 92021.  If you have any questions please e-mail Pam at this link.

The San Diego Sporting Dog Club will individually raffle off two SPR310 shotguns, one 28 gauge and one 12 gauge at the SDSDC Banquet January 15th, 2011.  The raffle is open to California residents only.  The guns must be picked up at Hi-Pass Sports.  The winner must be eligible to own a firearm under California law and need not be present to win.  Winners must complete their paperwork and all California laws and waiting periods apply.  Tax and DROS fees are included.  Anyone wishing to see these new guns can do so at; Hi-Pass Sports 2435 Alpine Blvd #B Alpine, CA.  619-445-4039.  The Club will not refund the ticket costs to a winner who is not eligible to own a firearm under California law.  In the event a winner is disqualified from owning the gun a new winner will be chosen from the remaining tickets.

Remington SPR310
Over/Under with
Walnut stock.  12 ga.
28" barrel, 3"chamber
and four chokes.
Full, Cylinder,
Imp. Cyl. & Modified.

28 ga.- 26" barrel
fixed Modified &
Imp. Cylinder chokes.
Both have an auto selective ejector,
Chrome lined bore
and Ventilated rib


Tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20.  The tickets are printed with the the information as to which gun the ticket is valid for.  All tickets must be filled out with the required information including name, phone number and returned to the SDSDC prior to the drawing January 15th, 2011.  After the winners have taken possession their names will be posted on the club website.



The Dangers of Imperial Valley Canals

By Mark Scott


Angel was 14 months old and loved to hunt. She and her brother Shadow, a black lab loved to swim. While dove hunting this year we parked near a large dirt irrigation canal. Because the puppies loved the water I knew I had to be careful with the canal going under the road so close to where we parked. While hunting, the dogs where in and out of the canal and did great at retrieving fallen birds from the water and both sides of the canal.

We were done hunting and Shadow had kenneled himself and Angel was laying at my feet in the shade. Both dogs were now in the shade of the car sleeping and I was helping a friend clean just 6 birds. When I was done cleaning some of the birds I turned around and asked where are the puppies? They had gone for a swim while wasn't looking. Shadow was stuck in the pipe swimming as hard as he could. We had no safety equipment, such as a rope, so I hung onto a gun case and went in the water after assessing the situation. I was able to only save Shadow. I was fortunate to not loose both dogs and more importantly not hurt myself. Next time I will tie my dogs to the car or crate them when there is danger near. It happened in a couple of careless minutes and could have ended so much worse.

The Bonita Sunnyside Fire Chief, Scott Walker lectured me about how dangerous fast water is. We all need to be careful around the canals because many of them humans and dogs alike cannot escape once in them.

I hope this helps fellow club members realize the importance of choosing a safe location and restraining your dog when not hunting.

The San Diego Sporting Dog Club sends our condolences to the Scott family.  Angel had been working with Steve Sarmiento and showed tremendous talent.  We would also like to thank Mark for sharing Angel's story so we may all try to avoid a similar tragedy.


The Board of Directors Meeting Report

Board of Directors meeting minutes for September 8th, 2010. Present were Mary Sarmiento, Rick Greenwell, Wendy Greenwell, Pam Felgenhauer, Randy Domingos, Ron Dotson, Joe Artes, Steve Sarmiento and Ed Marr. Ernie Lopez and Bill Cox were unable to attend.

Old Business

Bird Boxes
The club has completed the purchase of 50 bird boxes. Steve will go through them and select the best ones for the club. The remainder of the boxes will be offered to club members for $20 each. Boxes will be offered to other clubs for $30 each. Additionally some will be offered to Walt who raises our birds for transporting our birds to the club.

Safety Shoot
All is in place for the Safety Shoot event.

Competition Committee
No update

Gun Raffle
Ticket sales are lagging behind. In an effort to get the membership to sell more tickets a prize will be awarded to the member that sells the most tickets. The prize has not been determined but something dog training related like a starter pistol was suggested. The Board will make a final decision in the coming weeks as to the actual prize.

Census Response
Randy asked the Board to please review the responses to the member’s suggestions so they may be published in the October newsletter. Randy will e-mail the responses to the board members for review and corrections if needed.

New Business

Fall Classic
Mary will work on the details for the Fall Classic and try to have some details for the October Newsletter.

For the remainder of 2010 and the first part of 2011 the SDSDC has arranged for the purchase of 300 pheasants at $13 each and 100 chukar at $8 each.

Steve and Wendy will look into placing an order for SDSDC tee shirts, hats and stickers.

Liability Insurance
The club liability insurance is due. The cost of renewal is $500. The Board authorized Pam and Wendy to get it renewed.

The Tracking Dog clubs have had their use of the Hollenbeck Training area revoked by the DFG. The details as to why this has happened are not known. Pam and Joe will try to get more information so we can make sure the SDSDC does not face a similar situation in the future.

Bass Memorial Shoot
The Board will encourage the general membership to attend or donate to the Memorial Shoot. The Board felt it was not appropriate to donate club funds to the event but the Lemon Grove Rod and Gun Club has been very supportive of the SDSDC for many years, allowing us to use the range for our yearly Safety Shoot without any fees. The Board decided to make a $150 donation to the Lemon Grove Rod and Gun Club. The LGRGC can donate it to the battered women’s fund or use the funds for at their discretion. 

Voted in were new members Corey Magers and Suzy and Sean Lorenzen. That brings us up to 50 active members. We still have 7 members that did not renew from last year.

Treasures Report
As of September 8th, 2010 the club has $5968.95 in the Point Loma Credit Union account.

2010 SDSDC Census


We received several comments from the Census and the Board of Directors has addressed the following suggestions.  If anyone has any additional comments or suggestions please let us know.  Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

For the shoot to retrieve events, what do you think about getting remote launchers for the flush? This would make it more consistent and eliminate the flushing dog penalty.

The general consensus is that the Shoot to Retrieve event mimics a natural hunting situation with your dog. As such there is a reluctance to use launchers. If a majority of those with flushing dogs are interested in using launchers the rules committee will discuss the issue further and make a decision. Item has been referred to the rules committee.

For shoot to retrieve events. Divide dogs into groups for Pointer, Retriever and Flusher. Have specific rules to apply to each division geared towards that type of dog. Have 3 division winners and the overall winner would still be based on time and shots. 

This idea was well received. It would potentially solve the issue with using launchers also if there was no flushing dog penalty in the flushing division. Suggested divisions were pointer, flusher and amateur. Item has been referred to the rules committee for further study.

We need to figure out a way to improve the summer training days in order to improve attendance. Maybe weekend camp outs at Prado or some other training grounds.

This idea was well received. Summer training in San Diego County requires you leave San Diego County if you want to work your dog in the field. Additionally training days at the Sarmiento’s should be promoted. Dog training is more than shooting a bird in the field and requires training table and yard work all of which can be conducted over the summer. Yard work training days need to be promoted to increase attendance.

Use more quail

We’d like to use more quail. Finding quail at a reasonable price can be difficult. We will continue to look.

The shoots to retrieve events are a lot of fun. The training days are good as well. I know that it is hard for me to attend the Wednesday meetings. Is there a way for someone to records the meetings and post the audio on the website? 

Offer a dial-in conference call phone number for the monthly meetings. I belong to another East Coast based group and it works very well for those members unable to travel to the meeting location. Would likely increase participation of group members. And the phone numbers and calls are free to all parties and can have updated passwords for each meeting.

The SDSDC is a guest of the Animal Medical Center for our general meetings. AMC is a very busy place and needs their phone lines available for their business use. We are not charged a use fee for our meetings and as such the Board of Directors does not wish to pursue using their phones for this purpose. It was also suggested that a member with unlimited minutes on a smart phone could possibly do this or the club could purchase a digital recorder and post a MP3 on the website. Both ideas were rejected by both the board and the general membership present, as it was felt that posting the audio would erode the incentive to come to the meetings. There has been an effort to make the meetings more informative this year and all members are encouraged to attend when they can. When possible the newsletter will contain the highlights of the general meeting.

You may want to consider bringing in some experts to provide workshops for those of us who are interested in duck hunting and pheasant hunting. It is really tough to shoot pheasants locally in Southern California and by the time we get an opportunity to shoot ducks down here they are very well educated. And yes, labs rule.

This type of information is what we have tried to accomplish in 2010. Our September meeting is on waterfowl hunting. We will try to keep this in mind when planning our meetings in the future.

More of a field trial format once a year. More training for quality dog work not just birds in the bag.

After not conducting our Fall Classic in 2009 it is back on the schedule for October 30 & 31st in the Imperial Valley. This is our once a year field trial. Training continues to be an issue and the board will try to improve it.

It would be great if we could marginally streamline and increase the pace of our periodic shoot to retrieve events.

The club is run by volunteers. The volunteers that run the Shoot to retrieve events are typically the same number and group of people. To significantly increase the pace we would need to run two fields and we don’t have the people to do that. We will strive to run the events as efficiently as possible, the more who volunteer the better the events will be.

Allow members to bring and use non-toxic shot in shoot to retrieve events, if desired.

There were no major objections to members using non-toxic shot at an event if the member bought his own shells and the type of load was approved so no advantage would be gained by using a different shell. This has been referred to the competition committee to be sorted out.

Have a competition for SDSDC dog of the year. Combine results of SDSDC field competitions with a summer obedience competition within a calendar year and present an award at the banquet.

In the past we’ve had a member of the year but not a dog of the year. It’s a good idea but needs more consideration as to how to implement it and its feasibility. Randy will study the possibilities and report to the board in 2011.

"Day at dog Beach".

Dog beach and dog parks can be more dangerous to your dog than hunting. We’ve had a club member have a dog killed at dog beach so we will not be promoting any of those types of events as a club. If individuals would like to get together at dog beach they’re welcome to do so.

Have more training days. 

We try to schedule a training day once a month. This is another issue of volunteerism. Those who have the expertise are stretched pretty thin on club activities.

More participation in the new training facility project. 

When asked the club has provided volunteers for the Honey Springs Project. Chris Logan was our representative to the San Diego Wildlife Federation but has moved to New Mexico. The board is looking for a member to attend the monthly SDWF meetings once a month but as of this time a permanent volunteer has not come forward. WE will continue to support the Honey Springs project.

Achieve AKC accreditation.

We have looked into this in the past and the problem is the AKC insists we become either an upland club or a retriever club. We would even have to change our name to be considered. We are an all breed dog club and that makes us unique. Unless there is a way around the AKC regulations it is unlikely we will be able to get an AKC accreditation.

Have a ladies only event in the summer, maybe dog obedience and wine.

We will try to schedule a ladies event in the summer.

I'd like to see the club put together some hunts, maybe in the Imperial Valley or another destination within 5 hours drive.

Although there is nothing in our insurance policy that would prevent us from having a club hunt there are some concerns. Hunting by its very nature will not be as structured as our field events that are held in a confined area. There would be safety and other issues to be addressed. Currently members get together as groups and go hunting as individuals. Members are encouraged to get together and go hunting, use the club e-mail string to find hunting partners, use the newsletter to promote trips and share hunting locations. A club hunt would be considered if someone is interested in setting one up.

General Membership Meeting Report September 8th 2010

Mary led a discussion on waterfowl hunting.  We also discussed the upcoming Safety Shoot and NAHRA events.  We were joined by guests Rob and Drew Castetter and Kirt Gilliland.  The Castetter's are avid waterfowl hunters and own Labs.  Mr. Gilliland is an avid hunter and is currently deciding what breed of dog would be best for him.


Welcome New Members


The SDSDC would like to welcome Suzy & Sean Lorenzen and Corey Magers into the club.  Suzy and Sean have German Shorthair Pointers and Corey has a Boykin Spaniel.  


Volunteers Needed


It's that time of year again.  We need 3 volunteers for the Board of Directors Election Committee.  We have an election for club posts coming up in December so if you can help out please contact Mary Sarmiento.


We are also still looking for a member to attend the San Diego Wildlife Federation meetings and report back to the Board.  Please let us know if you can help.


In the Field

By Randy Domingos


After completing the Sharon Potter Trained Retrieve Seminar earlier this year I put allot of effort into off season training.  The weather in the Imperial Valley cooled down to the mid 90's for the second week of dove season so I decided to take Wyatt hunting to see if he learned anything.  My work paid off and I was rewarded with a much better dog then when we finished last season.  Wyatt had a great training experience retrieving over 15 Eurasians to hand.  He wasn't perfect and we'll keep working, but it was great to see.


Joe Artes had an interesting dove season hunting in Arizona.  A young doe befriended him and wanted to come home in the truck.



The Food Bowl

Teriyaki Dove Kabobs

By Randy Domingos



I thought I would try something different this year with my dove.  Instead of just putting them on the barbie I thought why not try some kabobs.  I cut the breast meat out of about 15 dove.  They were large eurasians so I cut each breast in half.  In a large bowl I covered them with teriyaki sauce and refrigerated them for three hours.  I skewered them up with a bacon wrap, sweet yellow onion, bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and pineapple.  Coat the finished kabobs with additional Served with your favorite wild rice recipe it makes for a great meal.


Around the Fire Hydrant


Volunteer needed to attend the San Diego County Wildlife federation Meetings and report back to the club.  Meetings are Held at the Sizzler Restaurant on Aero Drive.  Contact Joe Artes for additional details.

Newsletter Submissions:
To submit an article, brag, recipe or want ad to the SDSDC Newsletter please send an E-Mail to:  RandyDomingos@sandiegosportingdogclub.org

E-Collars Information:

Steve Sarmiento is now a Tri-Tronics representative and can help you with information and purchasing Tri-Tronics collars. 

If you are thinking about getting an e-collar, and want to do some research, go to this link
  www.gundogsupply.com/dog-training-collars-buyers-guide.html for a lot of  information.

Training Opportunities:
Pam and Mary are holding obedience classes in Alpine, North County and Lakeside. Basic obedience for puppies and adults, behavior issues, rescued dogs, AKC Canine Good Citizen classes and Puppy Star classes. Also available for private in home lessons. Call for details 619-659-9393 or 619-442-5354 or email muscat54@gmail.com.

Steve Sarmiento is accepting dogs for training.  Cost is $650 per month and includes birds.  Take advantage of the off season and get your dog trained up.  Contact Steve at 619-659-9393 or sssarmi@gmail.com

Dog Portraits (and other art):
Have your best friend and hunting partner immortalized in a commissioned painting. Visit the website of SDSDC member Ron Dotson.

For your shooting needs:
Hi-Pass Sports 2435 Alpine Blvd #B Alpine, CA 619 445-4039. 

For Sale & Must Have


FOR SALE:  Brittany pups AKC registered. ORANGE/WHITE BOTH PARENTS ON SITE AND ARE EXCELLANT HUNTERS/COMPANIONS. CHAMPION SHOW AND HUNT LINES. OFA CERTIFIED; Very loving/gentle breed. Need home with lots of room to run. We would love to have our Britts go to a family that hunts upland game - as this is what they were bred to do. In addition to hunting, Brittany's make Great family pets - and are wonderful with children. Litter, whelped on 8/26/10 is AKC registered; 1st shots at 6 weeks. Ready for new homes. Out of a litter of 8 (3males and 5 females) as of 9/27/10 we have only 1 male and 2 females available. Come and see and pick your new friend. Call or email for more photos. Ken and Selene 760-787-1841 ksbragiel@earthlink.net

FOR SALE:  Remington 870 Wingmaster, 20 gauge, 28" barrel with a fixed full choke.  Good overall condition with a few scratches and some wear showing on the bluing and the stock.  No rust, shoots great.  I have three Wingmasters and this one never gets used.  $195, buyer pays transfer fees.  Contact Randy Domingos if interested.  619-895-8608 or e-mail doktari@cox.net

FOR SALE: Command Leads and Leather Collars – Call Steve Sarmiento for details. 619-701-2089

FOR SALE: Training birds for sale, Pigeons, Chukar and Pheasants. Contact Steve Sarmiento at 619-659-9393

FOR SALE: Bird Boxes - The club purchased several used bird boxes and we have some available for purchase by club members.  Cost is $20 per box.  These are the same orange transport boxes that we use for our events and sell new for over $70.  Contact Steve Sarmiento at 619-659-9393


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