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June 2011 Newsletter

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President:  Joe Artes

1st VP:      Rick Greenwell

2nd VP:     Pam Felgenhauer

Treasurer: Wendy Greenwell

Secretary: Randy Domingos

Board Members:  
               Bill Cox
               Ron Dotson
               Trevor Niarchos 
               Mary Sarmiento

Ed Marr and 10 week old Abby


Calendar of Events

General Membership Meeting and Board of Directors Meeting
Wednesday, June 8th, 7:00PM

Animal Medical Center
600 Broadway, El Cajon

2011 SDSDC Annual Picnic
July 16th
Look for details in the July Newsletter


Upcoming Hunt Tests

AKC Retriever Hunt Test June 18-19 IVRC Prado, Chino Hills

Recent Events

2011 Rattlesnake Avoidance Clinic

By Randy Domingos

We had a great turnout for the 2011 Rattlesnake clinic.  We were able to train 44 dogs to avoid these venomous snakes.  We trained everything from Pugs to Rottweilers  and it all went without a hitch thanks to our volunteers, Joe Artes, Randy Domingos, Rick Greenwell, Wendy Greenwell, Mary Sarmiento and Ed Marr.  Tracy and Fred Presson at High On Kennels did a fantastic job getting all the dogs trained.  High On Kennels will allow us to use there fields for training for $15 per day.  Contact Tracy or Fred at 760-782-0728 for availability and field conditions.


Shoot to Retrieve Rules

After several months of work the updated Shoot to Retrieve rules have been completed.  Please take a moment to review the rules and if you have any questions or comments please let the Board of Directors know by email at sandiegosportingdogclub@gmail.com or attend our meeting this Wednesday, June 8th.  We hope to adopt the new rules June 8th so please let us know if you have any questions or comments. The final changes are in Blue

Final  Revision
Training  Rules for the Shoot to Retrieve

The objective of the Shoot to Retrieve is to create a sportsmanlike environment in which each participant (sportsperson) can compete with others who enjoy sporting dogs. The Shoot to Retrieve Field conditions should resemble actual wild bird hunting. The “Competition” would be where one team would try to outhunt all the others. The team’s skills would be the ability of the dog to find birds, and the handler’s ability to shoot the birds.

This will be a timed event allowing each team to take the maximum limit of allowed birds (3). The reason for placing a limit on the number of birds is so all teams have a fairly equal chance to take their limit. The first bird plant will consist of 5 birds so early runners have an equal opportunity as later competitors to take 3 birds. 

The handlers shooting skills are also tested, as spent shells are counted for the tiebreaker. With safety in mind whenever an unsafe shooting condition arises, (Example, a bird flying toward someone) a “Safety” will be called and the handler will not shoot. The Field Marshall will agree upon the safety and the handler will be given credit for 1 bird and 1 shell fired. 

This event will be ran one team at a time so as not to cause any distractions or interferences. In an effort to further deter the distractions and interferences spectators will not be allowed around the field, but only in a designated area for viewing the event. 

For safety reasons only “Teams” and Field Marshall will be allowed in the field. 

The Field Marshall’s job is to keep score, keep time and control safety in the field.


It is the Handlers responsibility to report to the event Marshall’s table prior to the beginning of the preceding team. The first team should report 15 minutes prior to the start time. The handler will be given 10 shells and be asked to step behind a blind. The purpose of the blind is so that they may not witness where the birds are taken from during the running of the previous brace along with witnessing the placements of planted birds for their brace.

Once the previous Team has concluded and the birds for their test have been planted they will be asked to step up to the starting line. When the Field Marshall instructs the handler to begin the handler at that time will release their dog and load their gun. 

Note: no more than two (2) shells may be loaded into the gun at any given time. 

Once time has been called, either by the Handler after the 3rd bird has been taken or the Field Marshall (after 15 minutes), the handler must unload their gun and leash up their dog exiting the field at the closest side border, so as not to disturb any of the remaining birds. They will then return all unfired and spent shell cases to the Event Marshall’s Table.

Note: This is a timed event, however at no time will running in the field be permitted. Failure to abide by this rule will be grounds for disqualification.

Dog Handling

The normal handling of your dog may be done along with the aid of a training collar during the running of this type of event. The dog’s handling abilities are not scored, so the use of an electronic collar will not be an issue.

Dogs can be entered more than one time as long as the handler is different. For example a husband could handle the family dog one time and another family member could handle the dog at another time. Remember this is a team competition not a dog competition. 

Gun and Shell Requirements

A 12 or 20 gauge shotgun is the preferred choice and these are the gauges of shells the Club will be supplying. In the event that you wish to use something smaller contact the Events Committee for permission prior to the closing deadline. You may receive permission, but will be required to supply a specified factory type of shells. The Event Marshall will supply 10 shells to each handler prior to the start of their test. At the end of the test the handler must return all unfired shells and spent shell casings to the Event Marshall’s table. The penalty for not returning unfired casings has been eliminated. 

A break open shotgun, pump type shotgun or auto-loading shotgun is acceptable. Only 2 shells may be loaded into a pump or auto-loader at this event. Loading more than two shells will result in disqualification.

Gun safety must be observed at all times because disqualification or worse could happen!

Bird Work

Bird contact can be whenever the dog produces a bird, the handler flushes a bird (with or without the dog present) and/or a wild flush, remember that this is a team effort between a handler and a dog so a bird in the air is fair game no matter how it occurs. Remember a “Safety” will give credit for 1 bird and 1 shot fired.

Running to chase a bird into the air is a safety violation. No birds may be shot on the ground.

A dead bird find will not be scored.

Pointing Dog Classes
Birds that are trapped or caught by the dog prior to the flush or before the handler has a chance to shoot will be scored as 1 bird and 1 ˝ shells fired. If the bird is running and the dog catches the bird the shell count will be 1.

Flushing Dog Classes
Birds that are trapped or caught by the dog prior to the flush or before the handler has a chance to shoot will be scored as 1 bird and 1 shell fired. If the bird is running and the dog catches the bird the shell count will be 1. Flushing dogs will not be penalized for “scooping”.

Either the dog or the handler can retrieve the bird. But an honest effort must be made to find any downed birds. If the bird cannot be located the handler must ask the Field Marshall for approval to move on.

If a dog is in contact with a bird and time expires the team will be allowed to continue until the bird is taken or escapes. Time keeping continues and the total time will be scored. It is the Field Marshall’s decision to determine if the dog is in contact with a bird if the 15 minutes has expired. This rule will allow the dog to get the maximum value of the training experience without calling the dog off a point or flush only because the time expired.


1 Most birds taken, with a 3-bird limit.
2 1st tiebreaker – Shortest time.
3 2nd tiebreaker – Least amount of shells fired.


Open Class Pointing Dogs 
Open Class Flushing Dogs
Amateur Class Pointing Dogs
Amateur Class Flushing Dogs

So in a nutshell the idea is to get your limit with the least amount of shells fired and with the least amount of time.

Compliance and Safety

Upon check in at the Event Marshall’s table all participants must present their valid California Hunting License with an Upland Bird Stamp attached. If you do not have a license you will be competing in the Amateur Class and a licensed hunter will be assigned to you. If you are an unlicensed hunter you may not be in possession of a bird at anytime. Dog Handlers must keep their Hunting License on their person at all times while participating in this event.

All participates, volunteers, judges, bird planters, those in the gallery and guests are required to wear eye protection at all times. 

All participates, volunteers, judges, bird planters are required to wear blaze orange at all times.

If the event is held during non-hunting season, it is the participates responsibility to collect his or her DFG meat tags upon leaving the field. Or if during hunting season if a licensed hunter ends up with more birds than his daily legal limit he will need meat tags. This also applies to members doing “clean up”. 

The Board of Directors Meeting Report

There was not a Board of Directors Meeting May 11th.  We only had two board members and two general members at the meeting and did not have a quorum to conduct business. 

Supporting those who support the SDSDC

When looking for products for your dog or gift ideas it's good to try to support those businesses that support our club.  Take a moment to check out Sylmar Dogwear and Canvas Creations websites and their great products.  

Welcome back to Sylmar Dogwear!

Well, after 6 months of moving, setting up our new shop and redoing the website, we are finally manufacturing first class American-made dog wear products. Please visit our new website at  www.sylmardogwear.com  to read the complete story of the new Sylmar Dogwear. 

I am very excited to be carrying on the Sylmar tradition. Top quality workmanship and innovations will be the basis of the business. Your input of new ideas is always appreciated. 

Please send us pictures to share on our Gallery page and please forward the link to our website to all of your dog-loving friends. Your continued support is greatly appreciated. 

Happy Trails! 

Jerry Popelka
Sylmar Dogwear 

303-833-9205 (fax)

"Only the best for your best friend" 
Jerry is also looking for a Brittany pup, send him an email if you know of a litter.

Canvas Creations is the company that did the canvas pictures of your dogs for the banquet. They are having a sale for Fathers Day. Also, this company donates 1/2 of its proceeds to a dog rescue group every month.  Visit their website and check it out, Your Canvas Creations.


In Remembrance

Our condolences go out to the Sarmiento's who lost two dogs this past month.  Bubba and Dipsey lost their battle with old age.  Happy hunting in bird dog heaven Bubba and Dipsey.


Around the Fire Hydrant

Padre Tickets

Looking ahead to the future, I am sending the Padre schedule out for anyone that might be interested in doing a night/day at a Padre game. Any ideas?, let me know.  Contact Steve Sarmiento at 619-659-9393

Newsletter Submissions:
To submit an article, brag, recipe or want ad to the SDSDC Newsletter please send an E-Mail to:  RandyDomingos@sandiegosportingdogclub.org

E-Collars Information:

Steve Sarmiento is now a Tri-Tronics representative and can help you with information and purchasing Tri-Tronics collars. 

If you are thinking about getting an e-collar, and want to do some research, go to this link
  www.gundogsupply.com/dog-training-collars-buyers-guide.html for a lot of  information.

Training Opportunities:
Pam and Mary are holding obedience classes in Alpine, North County and Lakeside. Basic obedience for puppies and adults, behavior issues, rescued dogs, AKC Canine Good Citizen classes and Puppy Star classes. Also available for private in home lessons. Call for details 619-659-9393 or 619-442-5354 or email muscat54@gmail.com.

Steve Sarmiento is accepting dogs for training.  Cost is $650 per month and includes birds.    Contact Steve at 619-659-9393 or sssarmi@gmail.com

Dog Portraits and other Art
Have your best friend and hunting partner immortalized in a commissioned painting. Visit the website of SDSDC member Ron Dotson. www.rondotson.com  His work is now in private collections both nationally and internationally. If you are interested in any of his works or commissioning a painting, please contact him by e-mail or by phone at (619) 925-2606. 

Denise Rich is also an accomplished artist and club member.  Denise is also known as "The Official Happy Cow" artist. In 2006 she was commissioned by the California Milk Advisory Board to paint their famous Happy Cows of the Real California Milk campaign. In addition to cows, Denise paints dogs, pets, or really anything.  If you are interested in any of her works or commissioning a painting, please contact her at her studio at 619- 933-5935.  Or send her an e-mail.  Please visit her website to see some of her work.

Contact Donna Sarmiento and her new company - Your Canvas Creations.   With a good photograph you too can create a great piece of art.

For your shooting needs:
Hi-Pass Sports 2435 Alpine Blvd #B Alpine, CA 619 445-4039. 

Anti-Poison Hotline
You may want to take a look at the ASPCA webpage at ASPCA.com. It contains useful information about poisoning. And if you think your dog has been poisoned, you should remember this number 1-888-426-4435, the ASPCA Anti-poisoning hotline for dogs. You get your questions answered. Yes, there is a $60 fee for it but if you wonder what to do when you see your dog just ate/drank something strange, keep the number handy.

For Sale & Must Have

Pat Harris has only have one pup (7mo. old) left for sale. She is now a started dog and he is asking $1200.00 for her.


Contact Pat at 760-337-0394 or send him an Email for more information on this fine pup.

FOR SALE: Command Leads and Leather Collars – Call Steve Sarmiento for details. 619-701-2089

FOR SALE: Bird Boxes - The club purchased several used bird boxes and we have some available for purchase by club members.  Cost is $20 per box.  These are the same orange transport boxes that we use for our events and sell new for over $70.  Contact Steve Sarmiento at 619-659-9393

FOR SALE: All fiberglass, 3 kennel dog box for sale. $750 OBO.  Contact Steve Sarmiento at 619-659-9393


FOR SALE: Custom Truck Vaults:

If any members are interested in a truck vault check this out.  I had this made in Oregon by a skilled cabinet maker. It is like the "truck vaults" you can pay two to three times as much for. He will make one like this for $700. If someone wants one, I can bring it back on one of my numerous trips back and forth. If someone is interested they can get a closer look at mine at my home or have them call Mike Moran at 619-444-4158. I get nothing out of this but goodwill. Trying to pump a little money into the economy up there. My box is for a short bed 6.5'. An eight footer might be a bit more. I had the drawers made to hold my longest shotgun - 55".


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