March - April 2012 Newsletter

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President:  Pam Felgenhauer

1st VP:      Rick Greenwell

2nd VP:     Donald Flanagan

Treasurer: Wendy Greenwell

Secretary: Randy Domingos

Board Members:  
               Joe Artes
               Mike Linville
               Ed Marr
               Trevor Niarchos 

Caroline Fenton photograph

Boise (front) and Buck (rear) waiting for commands (Oregon, Christmas 2011).


Calendar of Events

General Membership and Board Meeting
Wednesday, May 9th, 7:00PM
Animal Medical Center
600 Broadway, El Cajon

Sharon Potter Trained Retrieve Seminar
April 27th - 29th at the Sarmiento's

Two years ago I attended Sharon's seminar with Wyatt.  It's a three day event with a orientation Friday evening and two days of training.  Sharon taught both of us allot and we spent the next 12 weeks on the training table working on the techniques she showed us.  When hunting season rolled around I had a completely different dog.  I can't say enough to emphasize how much we got accomplished and the difference it made both to Wyatt and to my outlook on training.  The $350 cost was the biggest bang for the buck in anything I've done with Wyatt and money well spent.  Sharon does seminars all over the country and she hasn't been in San Diego since 2010 so it's a rare opportunity to be taught by a master.  We need members to sign up for the seminar to justify Sharon flying to San Diego so contact Mary Sarmiento to get your dog on the list.  If you do and follow through on the training next season you will reap the rewards.  This is a great time of year to get this done with field training opportunities so limited so I highly recommend it.- Randy Domingos

Slots have filled up so if your on the fence contact Mary and see if you can get in.

Contact Mary and register.

Sharon Potter PDF flier.


2012 Rattlesnake Avoidance Clinic

The San Diego Sporting Dog Club is conducting it's 2012 Rattlesnake Avoidance Clinics
May 19th at High On Kennels in Santa Ysabel. 

The cost is $55 per dog for club members, for non-members, $65 per dog. If you can stay all day and volunteer your cost is $45 per dog. 

 Experienced Rattlesnake Avoidance professionals under controlled conditions conduct both events. The safety of your dog, the dog handlers and the snakes is our utmost concern, so at the discretion of the event organizers aggressive dogs will not be trained. Your Puppy or Puppies are in general too young to learn the lesson and need to be at least 10 months old to complete the course. Some breeds need more time than others so if you have a young dog please contact us so we can make sure it’s the right time to train your dog.

Rattlesnake avoidance training can help our dog learn that the smell, sound, and sight of a rattlesnake are dangerous and are to be avoided. This specific training with rattlesnakes is effective and we believe it has saved many dogs. Your dog’s safety is our first concern and rattlesnake avoidance training will help to keep your pet safe. 

Indigenous rattlesnakes to Southern California include the Southern Pacific, Speckled, and Red Diamond. Rattlesnakes are found in the many canyons, trails and around homes throughout the region. Encounters between rattlesnakes and dogs will eventually occur. The dogs’ inquisitive nature makes them vulnerable to the rattlesnake’s bite and venom. Despite veterinary care, lasting effects of the venom may still compromise the dog’s health. Thus, the best protection is for the dogs to avoid the rattlesnakes all together. 

Club Members may pay the day of the event so sign up today!
For more information and to sign up for the events contact:

Randy Domingos, Secretary, San Diego Sporting Dog Club via Email or 619-895-8608


Joe Artes, San Diego Sporting Dog Club via Email or (619) 933-2322


Please help spread the word and post a flyer at your local Vet's office or anywhere it can be seen.

Click here for a printable PDF flyer.


Ronnie Smith’s Foundation Level Seminar

May 18-20

Anyone interested can contact Bill Cox


Interested in training over Memorial Day in Oregon?

Mike Moran Memorial Day training at his home in Oregon open to all club members, May 26th - 28th 2012, plus the week after that, come to camp, trailer or hotel, Mike has a nice place with area to train both upland and retrievers.  You will need to bring your own birds.

Mary Sarmiento is trying to get a count of folks that are planning to head up to Mike Moran's place in Oregon for the Memorial Weekend. So far I know Bryan and Rita Bonas, Steve and Mary, and Brad and Caroline Fenton are all going. We are in the process of figuring out meals, beds, birds, and stuff. So please let me know if you are planning on going. It is also ok to stay a couple of days before and/or after the weekend. 

Mike's place is located in Chiloquin. It is about 30 minutes or so north of Klamath Falls. The travel time from San Diego is about 13 hours. It is not a bad drive, and we can caravan up together if someone wants to. Please contact me or Mike if you have any questions. 

Contact Mike

Contact Mary

Also be sure to check out the South Dakota 2012 trip below .


February Training Day

Thanks go out to Donald Flanagan for coordinating our February Training day.  It was a cool wet day that gave the dogs a tough time.  We also got some great work done with Joe Rich and his homing pigeons.

Trevor working Brandy.

The benefits of training, a nice point.  

Go Wyatt!


February Shoot to Retrieve

Open Retriever

1st Place Brad Fenton and Boise

2nd Place John Segoria and Dakota

3rd Place Barry Stahl and Remington

Open Pointer

1st Place Mike Moran and Annie

2nd place Bryan Bonas and Roxy

3rd Place Mike Moran and Katie

Amateur Retriever

1st Place Pam Felgenhauer and Decoy 

2nd Place Pam Felgenhauer and Reed 

3rd Place Dan Denhart and Tika

Amateur Pointer

1st Place Bob Brown and Hans

Ron Dotson and Josie.

Pam and Decoy going for the win.

The Fenton's Buck.

SDSDC Newsletter

Things have gotten to be extremely hectic for me these last couple of months and I no longer have the time needed to produce the newsletter.  Combined with my other club duties I find I need to cut back just a bit.  Donald Flanagan will take over the newsletter starting next month.  I will continue to operate the website along with my other obligations within the club.  I've had a great time doing the newsletter and want to thank everyone who has contributed and offered me such strong and positive support.  Thanks so much.

Randy Domingos


Poison Dog Food

At the end of December, a local kennel donated 12 cases of Kirkland canned Lamb and Rice dog food. They said it was too rich for their dog because  they all got sick. Did not think any problem with the food. I fed to my dogs, and to visiting dogs. Diarrhea for all dogs, puppy threw up 15 times. She survived...Tesla and Dino did not. I contacted the company on Jan. 3 to say all dogs got sick. They said they did not produce that food. Four weeks later, one dead dog, next week, another dead dog. Finally got a response with...tell Costco. I contacted Costco, and then they contacted the manufacturer. Who wants a sample of the food. Mind you...this similar food was recalled in 2007-2009 for melamine contamination. Over 400 dogs died. I filed a report and waiting for request for the sample of food.  I need to put out a warning of possible food not verified yet...but the vet and I feel it will be. The*Kirkland Canned Lamb and Rice with expiration 2013. The cans I have say June 23, 2013*. Please let your friends know. It would have been purchased in Nov.-Dec. 2012. Please anyone that has a can to contact me directly. Do not return to Costco. We need to let everyone know so more dogs don't die.

The same issue is happening with dog treats.  A cheap treat or food should be looked upon with suspicion.  Research your food and treats.  Spending a few dollars more on quality food will ensure your dog has a healthy and happy life.

Farewell to a long time SDSDC Members

Long time SDSDC Members Frank Bell passed away March 1st and Casey Kurpiel passed March 13th.  Frank and Casey were very active in the SDSDC for many years and ware awarded  Honorary Memberships for their many contributions to the club.   The SDSDC sends it's condolences to Franks and Casey's families and they'll be in our prayers.

The Board of Directors and General Meeting Report

SDSDC February 8th, 2012 Minutes

Present were,
Pam Felgenhauer, Rick Greenwell, Randy Domingos, Wendy Greenwell, Mike Linville, Ed Marr, Joe Artes, Trevor Niarchos. Members Dan Denhart, Mary Sarmiento, Kenn Scruggs and James Reichstadt were also present.

Old Business:

By Laws

Pam and Randy worked on bylaws. Donald had some suggestions. Special meetings contradictions were discussed. President being at board meetings verbiage issues and other changes to be resolved. 

Release of Liability Waiver - No update.

Shoot to Retrieve Rules Clarification
The board again discussed this issue and has decided to continue discussion at the next meeting. A rules change was discussed in regards to the Pointer Class. The current penalty for a pointer scooping a bird is to minimal. It was felt a 1 minute penalty should be added in the event a pointer scoops a bird. In addition any handler that scoops a bird without the Field Marshall's approval should result in a disqualification. The rules will also be reviewed as to the language and ground shooting both of which should result in a disqualification. The rules will be adjusted and presented to the Board for any further changes or approval at the December meeting. 

Rewarding Event Volunteers 
Was verified and adopted as below. 
As a way to reward those who take the time coordinate an event such as the Fall Classic, a Shoot to Retrieve or a Training Day the board approved that the event chairperson’s entry for the Fall Classic or a Shoot to Retrieve will be waived. For a Training Day the coordinator will have 3 pigeons or 1 pheasant at no charge. It's hoped this will stir up some volunteers to run these events. This is open to all members and everyone is encouraged to volunteer. Want to add members coordinating the banquet, won’t have to pay for dinner. And snake break.

Memorial Day Oregon Trip 
Mike Moran offered his home in Oregon for a Memorial Day training and vacation trip. Open to all club members, May 26th - 28th 2012, plus the week after that, come to camp, trailer or hotel. Members will need to bring their own birds.

Delegation of Duties 
Pam would like to spread the workload through the board in 2012. Everyone will still pitch in as needed but we'll set our chairpersons early and try to make it easy on everyone.
Banquet was awesome, all had a great time.

New Business:

Garage Sale for Banquet 
Will be a summer event. Ed Marr volunteered his home as a location. Possible June date.

Safety Shoot 
Lemon Grove Rod and Gun Club is looking to eliminate shot outside club area by Reconfiguring trap field. Club may not allow event and has events already scheduled throughout the year. Rick will look into possibly doing event in June.

Gun Raffles 
Mike Moran looking into general raffle gun raffle. Mary Sarmiento looking into members only raffle. A motion that the Event Coordinator will receive 5 tickets for coordinating event was made and agreed to.

Snake Clinic
Snake break Country Kennels will need proof of liability insurance from Tracy. Randy will send everyone the pdf to distribute and update the website. Cost, $65 for non members / $55 for members, $45 for volunteers. Randy will send Pam snake pdf.

SDCWF renewal of $100 was approved. Motion to donate $500 for ponds at Honey Springs was made and approved. 

Excess Bird Boxes
Mary will inventory and we will extra bird boxes on Craigslist.

Training Day
Donald will coordinate February training day.

S2R cost is $55. Pam coordinating. 

A 4th event for spring 2013 was discussed possibly with chukar. Pheasant order for 3 events and possibly chukar for 1 event. Bird planter training video on you tube was discussed but no action taken.
March Training Day
Dan to check with Ian on bird availability.

La Posta
We need to fix La Posta for training proposes. Randy to take Ed Marr out to check out property and see what it will take.
Treasures Report As of February the club had $6299.19 in the bank and made $500 on banquet.

SDSDC March 14th, 2012 Meeting

Pam Felgenhauer, Donald Flanagan, Randy Domingos, Wendy Greenwell, Joe Artes, Mike Linville, Ed Marr and Trevor Niarchos. Mary & Steve Sarmiento and Biff Ellington were also present.

Harry Williams from NAHRA made presentation promoting interest in the SDSDC conducting a hunt test.

New members present were, Russell Brand, Rafael Aguilar, Adam Eidson. 
Mark Miller also completed an application, but was not present.
Membership Renewals are being worked on by Donald.

Bird Boxes
Mary and Trevor to inventory bird boxes for Pam. Trevor to post boxes for sale on Craigs List.
$20 for bird box for members, $25 for non-members.

SDCFW Report
Bob Smith looking at alternate pond sites to appease Honey Springs residents. Club to be asked for a replacement SDCFW volunteer to take over for Ed Marr.

Casey Kurpiel & Frank Bell
Casey Kurpiel and frank Bell have passed away, Wendy has sent flowers and Frank Bells service may be 2 months possibly.

Bird Order

Roosters are $14 ea, chukar will be $8 if they build pens for chukar they’ll be available. A $1 deposit per bird is required, we will order 250 roosters and 75 chukar.

La Posta

Rut in road can fixed by 10 shovels or bobcat or borrow trailer and used Sarmiento’s tractor April 14th work party and training day, Pam to check on pigeons for event. Randy and Ed to check on conditions.

Safety Shoot
Jimmy Phillips looking into possible dates and get in touch with Rick.


Date needs to be changed to July 21st? Wendy to check on date and let us know on Friday as to date.

Snake Clinic
Snake break scent training issues were discussed but no action was taken in regards to future clinics. The March clinic went well.  The club made $621.50 with the March Clinic.

No update. Pam and Donald to work on final language. 

Release of Liability - No update.

Treasures Report 
$7269.91 as of 3/14/12
Credit union changed our account number and we need to order new checks. Wendy will order replacement checks.

In The Field

I asked for your duck pictures and I got several.  So many I need to break them up for this month and next.  So if you don't see your picture it will be in next months newsletter.  Contributions to the newsletter are always welcome so keep them coming.


Caroline Fenton photograph

Boise (having just turned a year old) leaping for the lure (out of photo) at Lake Henshaw, early Autumn 2011.

Caroline Fenton photograph

Buck (puppy) learning to swim at Rainey Ranch in August 2011.

Mary Sarmiento's Eleanor passed Started at the March HRC event.

Pam Felgenhauer and Reed passed Started at the same HRC event.

Brad & Caroline Fenton's Boise and Buck also passed Started, Saturday and Sunday.

Biff Ellington's Misty passed the Finished Test (2 day event) for their fist leg toward a title.

Don Wendt's Brandy is a rescue English setter with one hell of a nose. She loves the ducks to stop by and enjoy the pool.

Going Hunting in South Dakota - 2012?

South Dakota 2011

Are we ready for 2012?  Ninety-six birds shot in four days. I can't wait for next November.  The guide gets $180/day/gun, plus tip.  We are scheduled to go the week of November 4th through the 9th. Probably only hunt four days. I coordinated the last two trips by making room reservations for those who didn't make their own. If you are interested just say so and you will be included on my emails for planning.  If you're interested in going to South Dakota for pheasant in the fall contact Mike Moran for details.  

Contact Mike


Around the Fire Hydrant

Newsletter Submissions:
To submit an article, brag, recipe or want ad to the SDSDC Newsletter please send an E-Mail to Donald Flanagan.

E-Collars Information:

Steve Sarmiento is now a Tri-Tronics representative and can help you with information and purchasing Tri-Tronics collars. 

If you are thinking about getting an e-collar, and want to do some research, go to this link for a lot of  information.

Training Opportunities:
Pam and Mary are holding obedience classes in Alpine, North County and Lakeside. Basic obedience for puppies and adults, behavior issues, rescued dogs, AKC Canine Good Citizen classes and Puppy Star classes. Also available for private in home lessons. Call for details 619-339-4801 or 619-442-5354 or email

Dog Portraits and other Art
Have your best friend and hunting partner immortalized in a commissioned painting. Visit the website of SDSDC member Ron Dotson.  His work is now in private collections both nationally and internationally. If you are interested in any of his works or commissioning a painting, please contact him by e-mail or by phone at (619) 925-2606. 

Denise Rich is also an accomplished artist and club member.  Denise is also known as "The Official Happy Cow" artist. In 2006 she was commissioned by the California Milk Advisory Board to paint their famous Happy Cows of the Real California Milk campaign. In addition to cows, Denise paints dogs, pets, or really anything.  If you are interested in any of her works or commissioning a painting, please contact her at her studio at 619- 933-5935.  Or send her an e-mail.  Please visit her website to see some of her work.

Contact Donna Sarmiento and her new company - Your Canvas Creations.   With a good photograph you too can create a great piece of art.

Anti-Poison Hotline
You may want to take a look at the ASPCA webpage at It contains useful information about poisoning. And if you think your dog has been poisoned, you should remember this number 1-888-426-4435, the ASPCA Anti-poisoning hotline for dogs. You get your questions answered. Yes, there is a $60 fee for it but if you wonder what to do when you see your dog just ate/drank something strange, keep the number handy.

For Sale & Must Have

FOR SALE:  Sharon Potter has a finished male chocolate lab for sale. If anyone is interested, or knows of someone who is interested, she will be here in San Diego the end of this month. she can bring him with her. Here is her description:

If you know of anybody looking for an exceptional Lab, my big male is for sale. He is a finished dog, SH titled and ready to run MH, and will be running in Quals as well as HRC Finished this summer if not sold. Doubles, triples, quads, blinds, you name it, he does it. Quiet on the line, handles great. He is a really, really nice dog, 5 yrs old, and put together well, plus has great breeding behind him. Only reason I'm selling: Found out, after Mary Howley (Candlewood) bred two bitches to him and they came up empty, so off to the fertility clinic...he's shooting blanks. If someone out there wants him, I can bring him with me as checked baggage a lot cheaper than flying him in cargo. :) He's priced at $4500."

Contact Sharon

FOR SALE: Vizsla Pups - Trevor is selling Brandy's pups for $1500…$1200 to club members. Anyone who helps sell one for $1500 gets $300. He can send  pedigree information also. She was bred last week. Contact Trevor for more information.

FOR SALE: Command Leads and Leather Collars – Call Steve Sarmiento for details. 619-701-2089

FOR SALE: Bird Boxes - The club purchased several used bird boxes and we have some available for purchase by club members.  Cost is $20 per box.  These are the same orange transport boxes that we use for our events and sell new for over $70.  Contact Steve Sarmiento at 619-701-2089

SDSDC wine glasses are available.  Very nice large glasses hold a significant amount of your favorite beverage saving those annoying trips to the kitchen for a refill.  Just $6.50 each.  They'll go fast so don't delay.  Contact Wendy Greenwell if you would like a set. 


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