September/October 2013 Newsletter

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President:  Pam Felgenhauer

1st VP:      Biff Ellington

2nd VP:     Randy Domingos

Treasurer: Ed Marr

Secretary: Donald Flanagan

Board Members:

Joe Artes
Mike Linville
Colleen Scruggs
Trevor Niarchos

Located a covey of quail here

Calendar of Events

General Membership and Board Meeting
Wednesday, November 13, 7:00 PM

Animal Medical Center, El Cajon

Training Day
Saturday, November 2
La Posta Training Area
Pheasants can be purchased for $15.00 dollars and chukar is $9.00 each.
Please let Joel Vexler know if you plan to attend, and how many birds you need.

Saturday and Sunday, November 9-10
Prado Dog Training Area

GSP Club of San Diego Hunt Test
Saturday and Sunday, November 9-10
San Jacinto Wildlife Area

News and Notes

Shotgun Raffles

Tickets are now on sale for both the general and members-only raffles. They are $5.00 each, or $20.00 for five. Let's get them out! Please let us know how many to send you!

Wags and Brags

Fieldstone Good Golly Miss Molly, owned by Mike Moran, received her fourth pass in a row for her Junior Hunter title in Smith River on Aug. 23. She was 17 months old. Congrats, Mike and Molly!

In the Field

Success in Canada!

Hey all, had a great trip to Alberta this year. Did not take the motor home as no one wanted to help drive up,  so we flew in using Alaska air to Edmonton. Met Lance and his son Jacob.  Lance got a huge 350 4x4 crew cab. And we were off to the races. Checked into the Springs room #137, the same as last year. Even had Boomerís remodel job in the bathroom from last year. Weather was nippy but would warm up through the day. Went scouting and checked in with my farmers and Lyle. Came back to town and bought our Fed stamp. Then we went out for an afternoon duck hunt on a pond. Jacob got a can and we dumped a few more. Good warm up session.

Tuesday morning, we set up a goose spread in a small oat field. The day before we saw specks and a few snows using it. Had wind, the only day we had it in the morning. Fantastic shoot. Ended up with 11 specs, 18 snows and a duck. We didn't shoot to well as it was the first goose shoot and we were getting used to shells and guns. We had flight after flight lock up and come in. That's what brings me back each year.

Wednesday, we set up a field duck shoot and got our limit of 8 apiece. All mallards I believe. Really allot of fun.

Thursday, we set up for geese and got a mixed bag. It was an ok shoot, with 6 ducks and 6 geese.

Friday was a short day. Quick hunt in the morning, then headed in to clean up the trailer. Left around 2 PM for Edmonton. Lance and Jacob flew out the next morning. Sasha was getting better each day. Had ducks down, but wasn't sure about geese. Picked up a different rental and then went over to Fedex and got Keith. He is a pilot not a package. And drove back to Wainwright.

Keith and I hunted together for the second week. The snows were in strong, which made for big flights but too many eyes. That, along with blue bird weather, made it tough. With just 2 guys itís hard to put out a big spread. So we stuck with a small spread and decoyed the doubles and singles. Our duck shoots were great. We found a new area west of Wainwright. Duck heaven. 3 quarters of grain fields and potholes. And to boot, a big roosting slough on DU property adjacent to it. The evening before, Keith and I watched the grand show- thousands of ducks and a few hundred geese cyclone around the fields and just pour in. Your anticipation really skyrockets, when you know you are going to hunt this place the next morning. We got out to the field and we couldn't find our marker on where to turn into the field. After wasting 40 min we finally stumbled on the ďXĒ spot and raced to set up before shooting time. No wind again, so the birds came in every which way. Ended up limited out on mallards (16) and a few geese. Sasha did great and retrieved all the ducks and geese. Especially proud of her last retrieve, where I dumped a big Honker (around 18lbs) into water. I sent her and she charged into the water, swam to the bird and grabbed its neck. Brought it back to shore. Too big to deliver to hand. What a girl!

In summary, it was a great trip with lots of birds and making fond memories with good friends.

-Biff Ellington

Secret Quail Spots

Have you ever wished someone would share their secret hunting spots with you? Well here you go! Aerial photos and all.

Ok, just so you won't feel cheated, I'll give the GPS coordinates of each of those spots to anyone who attends the next club meeting.

- Donald Flanagan

The Board of Directors and General Meeting Report

Minutes, SDSDC General Meeting June 12, 2013

Board Members Present: Pam Felgenhauer, Randy Domingos, Ed Marr, Donald Flanagan, Trevor Niarchos, Mike Linville
Other Members Present: Ken Scruggs, Mary Sarmiento, Wendy Greenwell, Raphael Aguilar

Old Business

2013 Picnic Gun Raffle
Update: 2 guns picked, being held, not paid for yet. Mary will provide contact info for the ticket printer. Trevor votes for street tacos. Free to club members. Ed needed the username/password to club email so that he can send out invitations.

Hat Order
Update from Ed: has not arrived yet.

Garage Sale
New date set to August 10

T-shirt order
Update from Pam: have received a couple replies.

Snake Clinic
Results: 65 participants, $3720 in receipts. Volunteers: Randy Domingos, Ed Marr, Mike Linville, Joe Artes, Joel Vexler, Terry Jenkins.

New Business

Treasurerís Report
Expenses: $1350 to Nona; $650 for Memorial shoot, $375 for birds
Income: $3720 for snake clinic ($2112.5 to High-On, $325 to kennel, $1360 profit)
Balance: $8596.00

Membership Report
No new inquiries; Batesí are still pending volunteering.

SDCWF Report
Itís becoming overwhelming for Ed.

Mike and Trevor will look on Craigslist. Discussion of a toilet being included.

There was no General Meeting for the month of July

Minutes, SDSDC General Meeting August 14, 2013

Board Members Present: Pam Felgenhauer, Ed Marr, Donald Flanagan, Randy Domingos, Mike Linville, Joe Artes

Other Members Present: Mary Sarmiento, Wendy Greenwell, Rich Vergara, Terry Jenkins, Rafael Aguilar

Old Business

Garage Sale
New date set to August 24. Donald will send an email, to include message that those who canít get items there, let us know so that we can pick it up. Start time: 7:00.

Report from Mike and Trevor: new trailers are nearly the same price as used. 5x8 trailers run $1600-2100. Mike will continue to watch, as current funds do not allow for a $2000 purchase.

Gun Raffle
Discount Gun will sell tickets for us, in both stores.

Snake Clinic
No date reserved for next year yet.

New Business

Treasurerís Report
Expenses: $1500 deposit for gun; $221 for raffle tickets; $331 picnic; $756 insurance (liability); $60 flowers
Balance: $3415

Membership Report
Michael and Maria Bates volunteered at the picnic, completing their requirements for membership. Duly voted in as new members.

Training Day
September- Prado, 9/21, 8:00 AM, Mary will organize. Bird availability unknown.

SDCWF Report
Nothing to report. Ed will probably resign.

Minutes, SDSDC General Meeting September 11, 2013

Board Members Present: Pam Felgenhauer, Ed Marr, Mike Linville, Donald Flanagan
Other Members Present: Rich Vergara

Old Business

Garage Sale Report
$273.50, went well.

Mike has been watching. New ones between $1900 to $2100. For now, the plan is to fix up the current trailer. Mike is willing to help Ed and Randy with this.

Gun Raffle
Approximately $180 has come in so far. Randy gave a display to both Discount Gun locations. El Cajon says they have not been able to sell any tickets. Morena store, unknown whether they even have the display set out. We need to send out tickets to club members.

Snake Clinic
No report

Training Day
September- Prado, 9/21, 8:00 AM, Mary will organize. Chukar will be available.

New Business

Treasurerís Report
Expenses: none
Income: roughly $600 (not deposited yet) for garage sale, t-shirts, hats, etc.
Balance in both accounts: $4053

Membership Report

SDCWF Report
Looking for a new delegate to attend the meetings

IRS letter
Received another letter from the IRS requesting the 2011 forms.

From the Kitchen

Kung Pao Venison

I love Chinese food. Even if it's American Chinese food, and not the real thing. And when it's done right, nothing beats Kung Pao Chicken! In my quest to find new ways to prepare wild game, I decided to try Kung Pao Venison- and I loved it! So much so, that I made it again, and gave some to my brother. His unsolicited feedback was: "it tastes pretty good!". And coming from him, that's high praise!

The recipe was adapted from one I found online, by Wofgang Puck, and you can see it here. I had to make some changes, though: venison instead of chicken; it's hard to find rice wine, but many recipes list dry sherry as a substitute, so that's what I went with; I like bamboo shoots, mushrooms, and red bell pepper in my Kung Pao, so I added those; peanut oil only seems to come in gallon jugs, so I used olive oil instead; and finally, the peanuts I bought weren't fried, so I cooked them along with the veggies instead of throwing them in at the end. Tangy, spicy, and GOOD!

-Donald Flanagan

Around the Fire Hydrant

Newsletter Submissions:
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Dog Portraits and other Art
Have your best friend and hunting partner immortalized in a commissioned painting. Visit the website of SDSDC member Ron Dotson. His work is now in private collections both nationally and internationally. If you are interested in any of his works or commissioning a painting, please contact him by e-mail or by phone at (619) 925-2606. 

Denise Rich is also an accomplished artist and club member.  Denise is also known as "The Official Happy Cow" artist. In 2006 she was commissioned by the California Milk Advisory Board to paint their famous Happy Cows of the Real California Milk campaign. In addition to cows, Denise paints dogs, pets, or really anything.  If you are interested in any of her works or commissioning a painting, please contact her at her studio at (619) 933-5935.  Or send her an e-mail.  Please visit her website to see some of her work.

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