November 2013 Newsletter

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President:  Pam Felgenhauer

1st VP:      Biff Ellington

2nd VP:     Randy Domingos

Treasurer: Ed Marr

Secretary: Donald Flanagan

Board Members:

Joe Artes
Mike Linville
Colleen Scruggs
Trevor Niarchos

Randy Domingos' Wyatt in his youth

Calendar of Events

General Membership and Board Meeting
Wednesday, December 11, 7:00 PM

Animal Medical Center, El Cajon

Shoot to Retrieve
Saturday, December 7
Honey Springs Training Area, Jamul

DFG Junior and Family Pheasant Hunt
Saturday, December 14
Rancho Jamul

News and Notes

Shoot to Retrieve!

This Saturday is the Shoot to Retrieve, so get your entries in to Pam by Wednesday at 8:00 PM! If you've never participated before, this is a fun, friendly competition, in which you and your dog will have the opportunity to find, shoot, and retrieve three pheasants as fast as you can. Here are some shots from previous competitions: 

DFG Junior and Family Hunts – November 23rd

Photos by Randy Domingos

We had a successful first DFG hunt with great weather for a change.  We were just able to provide enough pointers for the event with some help from our friends and NAVHDA.  Several of the pointers in the club moved to Texas and Nebraska this year and we really missed them.  Although we’d like to see as many SDSDC members as we can, the numbers of dogs needed means we will probably need additional help for the foreseeable future.  The DFG requires that we use pointers to slow the hunt down for the new hunters as a safety issue, so unfortunately we’re unable to use any of the fine flushers we have in the club.

Volunteering this year were Joe Artes (our event coordinator), and dog handlers Randy Domingos, Ed Marr, Mike Moran, Trevor Niarchos, Rafael Aguilar, and Bryan Bonas, and Joel Vexler who planted birds all day.

Helping us out this year as additional dog handlers were Matt Moore from NAVHDA San Diego, and Ken Wille with his two münsterlanders.  Joe Kubasak who has planted birds for us at so many events helped all day planting the pheasants.

Thanks to all of you!

The next DFG hunts are December 14th and January 18th.  If you’d like to volunteer in any way please let us know.

Another happy customer

"The Three Amigos" Pete, Gracie and Wyatt working it.

The DFG's Nick Bechtel at the pre-hunt meeting explains the event.

SDSDC Board of Directors Election

It's time to vote in a new Board of Directors, and club members have received a list of candidates for each of the positions. Please send in your votes as soon as possible, or come to the general meeting on December 11th and turn in your votes in person. If you would like to run for a position and have not yet made your desire know, please come to meeting and do so. A special thanks to those who have given of themselves and their time in order to make the club a success- we could never do it without you!

Shotgun Raffles

Reminder: as we get closer to the banquet in January, our time for selling tickets for the raffle is quickly coming to an end!

Public Gun Raffle Tickets
Franchi AL-48, 28 gauge, semi auto
Tickets - $5 each or 5 for $20
SDSDC Members Only Gun Raffle
Franchi Affinity 20 gauge Semi Auto
Tickets - $5 each or 5 for $20

Please support the SDSDC by selling a few general raffle tickets to your friends and family.  The Members only tickets are for SDSDC members only.  The large stub makes a great stocking stuffer!

A SDSDC member will win a shotgun at our banquet on January 12th, 2014- it could be you!

Please complete the stub and return with the money to:

1352 Dove St
El Cajon, Ca, 92020

You may also turn the stubs in at an upcoming event, such as the Shoot to Retrieve or the General Meeting on December 11th.

Need more tickets?  Drop us an email:

Cañada de San Vicente Land Management Plan

While at the DFG Family Hunt this November  we were informed that the DFG is taking comments on land use for a new property near Ramona.  The location has lots of quail and would also be a potential spot for dog training.  If hunters and the dog community are interested in ever being able to use the property now is the time to speak up.

Please take a moment to review the DFG page and send a comment to the link at the bottom.


- Randy Domingos

Contact Information:
Planning Team
2797 Truxtun Rd.
San Diego, CA  92106


2013 Fall Classic
Photos by Randy Domingos

We had a fantastic Fall Classic this year.  The cold and breezy conditions made it a challenge for both man and beast.  Without the use of E-collars, the event is designed to give the dog handler a real benchmark to show where he and his dog are in their training.  It can be fun, chaotic and rewarding all in the same run.

We want to thank everyone who showed up and helped out.  It seems like everyone pitched in and helped out which is what makes these events happen.  We do want to thank Ed Marr for coordinating the event and his wingman Randy Domingos who helped with the pre-event details. 

Thanks go out to our guests who volunteered.  Our shooters, Stan Peterson and Larry Basom.  This is our first Fall Classic without Jimmie Phillips shooting so having Stan and Larry back was a nice reminder of Jimmie’s legacy.  As usual Joe Kubasak came to plant birds- thanks Joe!

A special thanks to our judges, Don Barker and Scott Toothacre.  Don and Scott are members from way back and have judged the Fall Classic for years.  As a thank you for their years of service to the San Diego Sporting Dog Club, we’re happy to announce that Don and Scott have been awarded Honorary Memberships to the club.

We’ll see all of you next year! 

Here are the results for the 2013 Fall Classic:

Hunting Companion Dog Stake:
Bree – Ed Marr
Jag – Mary Sarmiento
Pete – Joe Artes
Pointing Dog Stake:

Abby – Mary Sarmiento
Abby – Ed Marr
Kia – Mike Linville
Flushing Dog Stake:

Eleanor – Mary Sarmiento
Reed – Pam Felgenhauer
Companion Flushing Dog Stake:

Argus - Kenny Vexler
Bodie - Joel Vexler
Rambo – Ezekiel Lagos

Our Judges Scott Toothacre (left) and Don Barker (center)

Mary Sarmiento and Jag the 2nd place winners, Companion Hunting Dog Stake

Stan Peterson and Gracie

Argus showing excellent potential winning Companion Flusher
Joel Vexler, Bodie and Stan Peterson. Joel and Bodie finished 2nd in Companion Flusher
Ed Marr, Bree, and Abby. Ed's münsterlander, Bree turned it on this year winning the Companion Hunting Dog Stake. Abby finished a strong 2nd in the Pointing Dog Stake. Great job Ed!

Patch at speed. All the dogs struggled to some degree this year including past winner Patch.  That left the door open for a very deep pool of talent in the Pointing Dog Stake to advance

Mike Linville’s Kia had a strong showing coming back from a serious shoulder injury to finish 3rd in the Pointing Stake.

Pam Felgenhauer’s Reed finished second to Mary Sarmiento’s Eleanor

Bryan Bonas’ Roxy

Bryan Bonas’ Stout with a big retrieve

Remington finds so many pheasants he thinks he can fly

Randy Domingos’ Wyatt had a tough day with Kia and two dogs named Abby getting the better of him

Training Day

Joel Vexler is new to the club, but jumping in with both feet, and volunteering wherever possible!  He took on the organization of the November training day, and did a wonderful job. Thanks, Joel, for making it a success.

Photos, except as noted, by Randy Domingos

Photo by Mrs. Vexler

In the Field

Imperial Valley Upland Hunting

Adam Eidson, Mike Linville and I were joined by Mike's neighbor for a pheasant hunt down in the Valley. The morning started out very promisingly, as 5 pheasant spooked out of the first field of the morning, as soon as the first truck door was opened! We worked that first field, and as we were on the final leg back to the trucks, a rooster got up. My second shot hit it. Mike sent another shot after it from a distance, but it flew down into a ditch filled with tall, thick vegetation. Boomer followed it, but it was long gone by the time he got there. We made a good effort at finding it, but to no avail.

A couple fields later, Adam Eidson's Maggie put up another rooster, which dropped stone-cold dead with just one shot. Maggie also put up a hen in the next field.

As we headed back to the trucks, we swept through a strip of field that hadn't been covered earlier, and we put up a final rooster. Mike's neighbor hit it, and it went down, but Adam soon spotted it running along the edge of the field. Three dogs and four men made a strong effort at finding it, but it evaded us.

Adam and I tried for dove and quail in the afternoon, but didn't get any opportunities in some of our standby areas.

On Black Friday, Adam and I were joined by Joel and Kenny Vexler, and Adam's friend Johnny for round two. The Vexler's had spent much of the week down there, without a single bird flushing for them- but not for lack of good dogs, or for lack of trying! This would be their fourth day of hunting hard. Again, things looked promising as dove, quail, and a rooster flushed as we drove in. We decided to try going after the quail first, and as we did so, another rooster flew into the field we intended to hunt first.

The quail ended up flushing ahead of us into a very thick river bottom- they got away clean. On to pheasant hunting!
We had just completed our first sweep through the field, and were starting back when we got a call from Johnny, who was chasing rabbits, saying that the landowner had told him that we would not be allowed to hunt this very promising field, and the ones surrounding it (which all looked very birdy). We were disappointed, but we did the right thing and walked out of the field. As we did so, Ken's dog Bodie jumped a hen!

We went through some nearby fields, but these turned up nothing. We headed to a ditch that had produced birds in the past (hens only, though), and almost immediately, we put up another hen. We worked the rest of that ditch, then went to the adjoining ditch where that hen had flown. Quickly, we put up a hen, thinking it was the same one. We went down the ditch a little further, and put up another! But further down, we could see more hens flushing ahead of us. That ditch was loaded with them! But not a single rooster. Adam had to head home, but the Vexlers and I went to a feedlot and shot limits of dove, then took it easy and worked one more field for pheasants.

The next day, I started out with a brief duck hunt (I only saw one duck, not including the ruddies), then headed to some new areas, where I hunted some ditches and fields, but came up empty again. So I went back to the feedlot, shot a limit of doves (plus a euro and a pigeon), and called it a day.

It was a good hunt with good friends, and I can't wait to do it again!

Maggie, after running a ditch

Bodie, Boomer, and Argus posing with their limits of doves

- Donald Flanagan

Duck Hunting Success!

I thought I'd pass on some photos from my duck hunt at Wister today with my buddy and Maggie. We got a mixed bag of pintails, wigeon, teal, and a couple of spoonies. Maggie retrieved every last one, and loved every second of it. She was so geeked that her teeth were chattering in anticipation all morning.

- Adam Eidson

The Board of Directors and General Meeting Report

Minutes, SDSDC General Meeting October 9,  2013

Board Members Present: Pam Felgenhauer, Donald Flanagan, Randy Domingos, Mike Linville, Trevor Niarchos.
Other Members Present: Terry Jenkins, Rich Vergara, Mary Sarmiento, Joel Vexler and wife, Rafael Aguilar, Lauren.

Old Business

Gun Raffle
$200 has come in, to date. Randy has some more to turn in. No tickets have been sent out yet.

IRS letter
Received another letter from the IRS requesting the 2011 990 forms. Links provided by IRS lead to 2012 forms. Pam wrote back to request links to proper forms or physical form.

Snake Break
No update.

New Business
Treasurer’s Report
For the months of August and September we had total deposits of $589.50 comprised of $100.00 from gun raffle $286.50 from garage sale and $203.00 for hats and shirts. Leaving us with $3,442.80 in our checking, $1050.50 in our savings which totals $4,493.30 . We have sold $200.00 dollars in raffle tickets to date.

New Laptop
Club laptop is old. Time to think about a new one. Trevor will research.

Will be held January 11. Still looking for location, but Casa Machado is our standby.

Training days
November 2 (La Posta, Joel Vexler will organize) Birds available, we need organizers.

Shoot to Retrieve
Date set for Dec. 7. Spring S2R Feb 22.

BOD election
Pam will poll the board members to see who is willing to continue.

Joel Vexler volunteered to help with the website.

Around the Fire Hydrant

Newsletter Submissions:
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Dog Portraits and other Art
Have your best friend and hunting partner immortalized in a commissioned painting. Visit the website of SDSDC member Ron Dotson. His work is now in private collections both nationally and internationally. If you are interested in any of his works or commissioning a painting, please contact him by e-mail or by phone at (619) 925-2606. 

Denise Rich is also an accomplished artist and club member.  Denise is also known as "The Official Happy Cow" artist. In 2006 she was commissioned by the California Milk Advisory Board to paint their famous Happy Cows of the Real California Milk campaign. In addition to cows, Denise paints dogs, pets, or really anything.  If you are interested in any of her works or commissioning a painting, please contact her at her studio at (619) 933-5935.  Or send her an e-mail.  Please visit her website to see some of her work.

Health Supplements for You and Your Dog!
Donna Sarmiento has a new business endeavour called Nature's Tails, distributing quality health products for the care, comfort, and well being of both you and your pets! These include calming, healing, and joint products for humans and dogs, as well as other edibles for your pets. Visit for more information.

Training Opportunities:
Pam is holding basic obedience classes for puppies and adults, behavior issues, rescued dogs, AKC Canine Good Citizen classes and Puppy Star classes. Also available for private in home lessons. Email Pam for details.

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