November 2014 Newsletter

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President:  Pam Felgenhauer

1st VP:      Rafael Aguilar

2nd VP:     Randy Domingos

Treasurer: Ed Marr

Secretary: Donald Flanagan

Board Members:

Joe Artes
Mike Linville
Colleen Scruggs
Trevor Niarchos

Mark Scott and Angel at the Fall Classic
Photo by Randy Domingos

Calendar of Events

Shoot To Retrieve
Saturday, December 6, 8:00 AM
Honey Springs Training Area

General Membership and Board Meeting
Wednesday, December 10, 7:00 PM
Animal Medical Center
600 Broadway, El Cajon

News and Notes

Board of Directors Election Results

The membership has spoken! At our November meeting, the BoD election results were tallied, and your BoD for 2015 has been selected. At the meeting, Mary Sarmiento volunteered to fill the Director position which had yet to be filled (thank you so much, Mary!!!), so we will have a full Board next year:
Donald Flanagan - President
Rafael Aguilar - 1st Vice President
Trevor Niarchos - 2nd Vice President
Steve Looser - Secretary
Colleen Scruggs - Treasurer
Pam Felgenhauer - Director
Kenn Scruggs - Director
Ed Marr - Director
Mary Sarmiento - Director

New Club Logo!

Earlier this month, we sent out a message to the club, asking for input on two families of logos, designed by Trevor Niarchos and Randy Domingos. They put a lot of hard work into them, and many of you expressed your appreciation and approval. Thank you, guys, for the time, effort, and expense that went into this effort. After hearing the preferences of the membership, the board of directors has selected a new logo- rather, a family of logos, which can be used for various purposes. You can see the letterhead version above!

The 29th annual SDSDC Fall Classic

Story and photos by Randy Domingos

Our annual Fall Classic was held November 1st and 2nd outside of Holtville.  We had the run of a large alfalfa field courtesy of Baja Farms.  There was a great campsite between the fields and we were well away from any paved roads and traffic so it was a great spot for the dogs.

The weather Saturday was windy but we were able to work the dogs on our training birds with everyone getting several reps in.  New members Henry Silva and Consuelo Lemus brought their puppy Jack out to play with the big birds.  Jack is out of Ken and Colleen Scruggs line of GSP’s and showed a great nose for the birds.  After we got all the dog work in for the day we sat around camp watching the sunset and Ed Marr cook us up an amazing supper of elk steaks, sausage and pheasant wrapped in bacon.  Combined with our potluck selection we were fat and happy.

The wind faded away overnight and Sunday was fantastic, clear and calm.  Those who couldn’t join us Saturday arrived early for a final training session before the Classic.

The first group up was Companion Pointer.  Pete won out over Gracie and Hans and in doing so will be bumped into the Pointing Dog Stake next year. 

Companion Pointer Results

1st Place Pete and Joe Artes
2nd Place Gracie and Joe Artes
3rd PlaceHans and Bob Brown

In Companion Flusher Bodie won over Sasha and will be bumped into the Flushing Dog Stake next year.

Companion Flushing Dog Results

1st PlaceBodie and Joel Vexler
2nd PlaceSasha and Biff Ellington

The last few years we haven’t had many puppies competing so it was great to have three this year. New member Dan Markley’s GSP pup River looked great and took 1st place.  That’s a nice start for you first day in the club.  Joel’s pointing lab Rio is really doing well and I look forward to seeing both of them in Companion Pointer next year.   Henry Silva’s Jack could not run on Sunday but it was great to see three pointing pups out for the weekend.  Our Flushing puppy was Biff Ellington’s black lab Raven.  Lab pups are always enthusiastic and Raven did a great job.  She found two pigeons in launchers and two dead pheasant.  I hope we see her in Companion Flusher next year.

Pointing Puppy Results

1st PlaceRiver and Dan Markley
2nd PlaceRio and Joel Vexler

Flushing Puppy Results

1st PlaceRaven and Biff Ellington

In the Pointing Dog Brace Ed Marr’s Abby ran with Randy Domingos and Wyatt.  Both dogs did excellent, locating the four birds in short order.  Wyatt was as sharp as he gets and it was a pleasure to watch.  In the second brace Ed Marr’s Bree ran with Mike Linville and Kaia.  Again both dogs did great with Bree’s excellent honor of Kaia’s point pushing her into first place overall.  The scoring was very close for all four dogs in the pointing stake. 

Pointing Dog Stake Results

1st PlaceBree and Ed Marr
2nd PlaceWyatt and Randy Domingos
3rd PlaceAbby and Ed Marr

Last up was the Flushing Dog Stake.  Mark Scott and Angel edged out Shadow and 2012 champion Misty for the win.  Mark ran the dogs in the field but it was really a Team Scott effort with the boys rooting on the sideline for Angel and Shadow. 

Flushing Dog Stake Results

1st PlaceAngel and Mark Scott
2nd PlaceShadow and Mark Scott
3rd PlaceMisty and Biff Ellington

The history and tradition of the San Diego Sporting Dog Club and the recognition of our great dogs and handlers.

Our club was formed in 1967.  We’re an independent club dedicated to the advancement of all sporting breeds.  Both upland dogs and retrievers are in the club which makes us unique.  Although we respect the work of other more mainstream dog clubs, we have always done things our way.  Old clubs establish traditions and at forty seven years old, the San Diego Sporting Dog Club is no different.    Although the club had run field trials since 1967, thirty three years ago in 1981 it was decided to award the Perpetual Trophies.  They were established to honor and remember our excellent dogs, the hard work of their owners, and create a legacy for the club.  The rules stipulating no E-collars are in place to show that your dog actually knows what to do, and what actual control the dog handler has over his dog.  There’s not much written history on the club, but the trophies tell a story of their own. 

In the Flushing Dog Stake

Al Champion and Missy won in 1984 and successfully defended the trophy in 1985, becoming the first dog and handler to do so.

Frank Bell and his dog Joe swept the Flushing Dog Stake in 1987, 1988 and 1989. Joe was the only dog to win possession of the trophy for three years, doing so consecutively, making him the all-time winning dog in Fall Classic history for both flushers and pointers.

Along with Missy and Joe winning back to back Mary Sarmiento and Rio also accomplished the same feat only five years apart.  The Classic was not held from 2003 to 2007.  Rio won in 2002 and came back for the win in 2008.  She was something to see doing it.

Other two time winners were Roy Crowley and Tiger and Jimmie Philips and Taz which traded wins from 1998 to 2001, and Don Barthel’s Mikey also won twice. 

In the Pointing Dog Stake

Gary Gentile’s dog Windy was the first two win two titles, in 1981 and 1983. 

Bob Alloway’s Twig was the first pointer to win back to back titles, in 1987 and 1988.

Frank Bell and Lady won back to back in 1989 and 1990.  Lady was the last pointer to successfully defend her trophy.

Longtime Fall Classic judge Scott Toothacre won in 2000 and 2002 with Kuna. 

Ruth Weiss, one of our 2014 judges, won with Boondocker in 2001.  Boondocker was her first hunting dog, and the Fall Classic was their first hunt test.

Mary Sarmiento is currently the all-time leading dog handler with six wins on both the pointer and flusher trophies.  Frank Bell won five times in both categories.

Ed Marr’s Bree won the 2013 Companion Pointer Stake and was bumped into the Pointing Dog Stake for 2014 which she won.  That’s quite an accomplishment.

So in continuing with the legacy of the Fall Classic it’s our pleasure to add Mark Scott and Angel to the Perpetual Flushing Dog Trophy.  Congratulations also to Ed Marr and Bree, who will be added to the Perpetual Pointing Dog Trophy.  Both trophies will be awarded to Mark and Ed at the SDSDC Banquet, and will be in their care for the following year.

Flushing Dog Trophy   Pointing Dog Trophy
33 years, 28 events 33 years, 29 events

1981    Roy Crowley    Rebel

1983    Roy Crowley    Boomer

1984    Al Champion    Missy

1985    Al Champion    Missy

1986    Bob Proffer      Tara

1987    Frank Bell        Joe

1988    Frank Bell        Joe

March 1989 Frank Bell  Joe

October 1989 Roy Cowley Tiger

1990     Bud Murray     Katie

1990     Roy Cowley    Tiger

1991     Mark Kettl      Buster

1993     Ira Hodson     Scrooger

1994     Tony Zablit     Winston

1995     Brian Gallagher Nick

1996     Bob Linehan     Shana Ann

1997     Jack Jones        Fly

1998     Jimmie Phillips  Taz

1999     Don Barthel      Mikey

2000     Jimmie Phillips  Taz

2001     Don Barthel       Mikey

2002     Mary Sarmiento  Rio

2008 M.Sarmiento/ J. Phillips Rio

2010     Pam Felgenhauer Decoy

2011     Rick Greenwell   Hank

2012     Biff Ellington     Misty

2013     Mary Sarmiento  Eleanor

2014     Mark Scott         Angel

1981     Gary Gentile     Windy

1982     Ed Pellow         Chief

1983     Gary Gentile     Windy

1984     Gary Gentile     Rancid

1985     Bob Chester      Otto

1986     Terry Henderson Blue

1987     Bob Alloway       Twig

1988     Bob Alloway       Twig

March 1989 Joe Unpingco Duke

October 1989 Frank Bell   Lady

1990     Frank Bell           Lady

1991     Jack Mayer          Sip

1992     Gene Cobb          Rusty

1993     Gene Cobb          Jake

1994     Marc Rittner        Chip

1995     Bill Hitt              Mascot

1996     Sal Satallante     Boogie

1997     Don Barthel        Hilde

1998     Joe Rich             Speck

1999     Don Barthel        Sierra

2000     Scott Toothacre   Kuna

2001     Ruth Weiss     Boondocker

2002     Scott Toothacre   Kuna

2008     Steve Sarmiento  Bubba

2010     Joe Artes            Gunner

2011     Mary Sarmiento    Rowdy

2012     Mary Sarmiento    Patch

2013     Mary Sarmiento    Abby

2014     Ed Marr               Bree

On behalf of the club, a great thanks to everyone involved in making the 29th SDSDC Fall Classic a success. 

Randy Domingos and Joel Vexler coordinated the event, and we were very busy boys all weekend.  Longtime member Pat Harris secured the location for us.  A special thanks to Baja Farms and Ben Abbatti Jr. for the use of his property.  Thanks to Ed Marr for all his help in collecting entry fees, planting birds, cooking a great dinner, and transporting my dog to and from the event.  I also want to thank Bob and Julie Brown for transporting gear and all the help.  Julie helped so much with taking pictures and helping Debbie Artes fill out the winner’s ribbons.   I want to thank Mark Scott and the boys for all the jobs they did Sunday.  Thanks to everyone who helped out.  There was so much to do and so few of us to do it, and we appreciated the help.

Thanks to our nonmember volunteers without whom the event would not have been the success it was.  Our shooters Stan Peterson and Sonny Hale were great making the needed shots and making the right decisions when not to shoot.  Thanks so much. 

I want to extend our gratitude to Greg and Ruth Weiss for volunteering to be our judges.  They’ve judged many events in the past, but this was their first Fall Classic.  They had a great time and were a pleasure to work with. It was nice to have a former winner be a guest judge.
It was also nice to see everyone rooting for all the dogs.  The sportsmanship this weekend was exceptional.  Thank you very much.

A GoPro Raffle?

As I wrap things up here, I’d be remiss to not relay the story of what else happened Sunday.  Joe and Debbie Artes showed up early Sunday morning.  Debbie bought Joe a nice shiny new GoPro camera, which Joe mounted to his hat, and took one of his Britt’s out to train in the alfalfa field.  Joe did not return with said shiny new camera attached to his hat.  Joe and Debbie roamed the alfalfa field on and off all day looking for it.  Finally, as we had a break while the judges tallied the scores, all of us formed a picket line and searched following Joe’s path for the camera.  Talk about a literal “GoPro in a haystack” or soon to be.  After just a few minutes we were able to find it capping the end to a great weekend.

Will Angel and Bree be able to defend the Perpetual Trophies with back to back wins?  Will Pete and Bodie step up to the challenge and follow in Bree’s footsteps in 2015?  Or will your dog become part of the legacy of this great event?  We’ll find out next year at the 30th annual San Diego Sporting Dog Club Fall Classic.  See you there!

In the Field

 South Dakota 2014

56 Birds in four days. Bryan Bonas, Bill Cox, Mike Moran and a friend of Bill’s.

Utah and Idaho

Ryan Gelardi sent in a write-up and a few pictures from his recent 3-day trip up into Northern UT and Southern ID:

The first day was projected to be too hot in UT, so we shifted plans and drove further north into ID and met a friend for some Sharpie hunting on horseback. The three of us got our limits in the first few hours, but weren’t ready to quit so we continued to let the dogs work birds for a while. The following day we crossed the border back into Utah to resume our preliminary game plan to hunt Chukar. Though the UT numbers may not be as high as that in Nevada, the hunting was good plenty enough for us to squeeze out our limits each of the next two days before heading home. It was a lot of late-night driving squeezing in 3 days of hunting in 4 days, but a great trip to be sure!


After his annual trip to Alberta, Biff Ellington sent a report on the action:

"I'm at the Master Nationals in Corning. Here is a pic of a happy camper. Last morning. In the afternoon 2 of us shot 15 geese one was a banded spec.
Pup Raven doing well, and Misty celebrated her 8th birthday- all is good."

If you're interested in a Do-It-Yourself hunt for waterfowl in Alberta, be sure to contact Biff, as he's always looking for someone to join him each Fall!

Wags and Brags

Congratulations to the Fentons and Boise! Boise passed 4 AKC Hunt Tests in a row including, her title qualifying at Prado Dog Facility from the So Cal Labrador Retrieve Club on 10/26/14, to receive her AKC Senior Hunter Title.

The Board of Directors and General Meeting Reports

Click here to view the minutes of the September meeting.
Click here to view the minutes of the October meeting.

Around the Fire Hydrant

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Dan Denhart has a training jacket, a training shirt, and a copy of the TriTronics E-Collar training book, which he has offered to any club member who might be interested. If you're interested, email Donald and he will put you in touch with Dan.

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Have your best friend and hunting partner immortalized in a commissioned painting. Visit the website of SDSDC member Ron Dotson. His work is now in private collections both nationally and internationally. If you are interested in any of his works or commissioning a painting, please contact him by e-mail or by phone at (619) 925-2606. 

Denise Rich is also an accomplished artist and club member.  Denise is also known as "The Official Happy Cow" artist. In 2006 she was commissioned by the California Milk Advisory Board to paint their famous Happy Cows of the Real California Milk campaign. In addition to cows, Denise paints dogs, pets, or really anything.  If you are interested in any of her works or commissioning a painting, please contact her at her studio at (619) 933-5935.  Or send her an e-mail.  Please visit her website to see some of her work.

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Donna Sarmiento has a new business endeavor called Nature's Tails, distributing quality health products for the care, comfort, and well being of both you and your pets! These include calming, healing, and joint products for humans and dogs, as well as other edibles for your pets. Visit for more information.

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