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Board of Directors:

Verland Nolta

1st VP:
Joe Artes

2nd VP:
Pam Felgenhauer

Mark Van Sickle

Brian Braiverman

Board Members:

Bryan Bonas
Donald Flanagan
Mike Long
Rich Vergara

Shoot to Retrieve competition
Photography by Verland Nolta

Thanks to the Board of Directors and all our volunteers.


 We tried to make the club's 50th anniversary a great season.  Thanks to our new Board of Directors for the year: President - Ed Marr, 1st Vice President - Ruth Weiss, Second Vice President - Pam Felgenhauer, Secretary - Verland Nolta, Treasurer - Joe Artes.

Board Members – Bryan Bonas, Donald Flanagan, Mike Long and Rich Vergara.

We had four events this year with training days between events so there were allot of opportunities to get dog work in.  Each event gets more challenging to help you hone your skills.

More Photos at:

Event photos

Shoot to Retrieve I

Ed Marr & Abby find one!
Photography by Verland Nolta

We had our first "Shoot to Retrieve" at Honey Springs in December.  Thanks to Pam Felgenhauer with help from Verland Nolta for organizing the event. Thanks Joel for grilling hot dogs for everyone! It was held at Honey Springs in Jamul. Lots of really good dog work!

Fun getting to know and watching new members with new dogs compete. Ron Dotson introduced his new pup Waylon to us all. Nice pup Ron! We had a nice breeze and the dogs were scenting very well. It was a very nice day. It was good to see the dogs in the field again and break out the gear for another season!

Shoot to Retrieve I Results

Open Pointer

1st place -  Bryan Bonas & Stout
2nd place - Mike Moran & Annie
3rd place Tie! - Randy Domingos & Wyatt
                  Mary Sarmiento & Abby

Companion Pointer

1st place - Ian Frisch & Cortez

Open Retriever

1st place -  Donald Flanagan & Boomer
2nd place - Glen Street & Magnum
3rd place - Sean Davidson & Baron

Companion Retriever

1st place -  Pam Felgenhauer & Decoy
2nd place - Pam Felgenhauer & Reed

Congratulations to the winners.


Shoot to Retrieve II

Shoot to Retrieve II action
Photography by Verland Nolta

We had our second "Shoot to Retrieve" at Honey Springs in January.  Thanks to Pam Felgenhauer with help from Verland Nolta for organizing the event. It was held at Honey Springs in Jamul.

It started out very cold with frost on the ground. The steel stakes for boundaries where very cold to touch. However it became a beautiful day! A huge thanks to all the members who came out and volunteered (most stayed all day!) We has a lot of dogs entered and did a great job of getting everyone done on time. Special thanks to the volunteers for making it happen on time!

There was some really good dog work, some good handling of the dogs and then there were some dogs that did a good job handling their owners. We also had some new potential members come out and bring their puppies. We got to meet Hunter Artes (very cute). All in all a great day!

Shoot to Retrieve II Results

Open Pointer

1st place -   Brett Bigley & Fritz
2nd place - Randy Domingos & Wyatt
3rd place - Mike Moran & Annie

Open Retriever

1st place -  Glenn Street & Magnum
2nd place - Mike Long & Stella
3rd place - Mike Moran & Molly

Companion  Pointer

1st place -  Joe Artes & Gracie
2nd place - Brett Bigley & Olive
3rd place - Jeff Sweetman & Joy

Companion  Retriever

1st place -  Pam Felgenhauer & Reed
2nd place - Biff Ellington & Sasha
3rd place - Pam Felgenhauer & Decoy

Congratulations to the winners.


Bird Dog Challenge

Open Pointers Podium
2nd Joe Artes & Pete, 1st Ed Marr & Abby, 3rd Randy Domingos & Wyatt
Photography by Verland Nolta

We had our "Bird Dog Challenge" in Holtville. We had a great event with wonderful weather down in the Imperial Valley.
The alfalfa was perfect height. The breeze was light in the morning but came up in the afternoon. The dogs did really well. 

We held 2 practices, one two weeks before and one the day before for eager folks and scorekeepers with the Bird Dog Challenge in mind.

The Friday practice was so much fun. After a great practice, several folks camped out over night. We saw the International Space Station fly over. It was bright enough to easily be seen by eye. We had a great Dinner. Special thanks to Ed Marr and Donald Flanagan for the special eats. The stories flew around the campfire!

Thanks to Verland Nolta for organizing the event. Thanks to Randy Domingos as Master Scorekeeper. Special thanks to all the scorekeepers as it can be as challenging for the scorekeepers as it is for participants.

We barely avoided a catastrophe! The club owes a special thanks to Biff Ellington who showed up early for the Bird Dog Challenge even though he wasn’t entered.  Biff found a tractor harvesting the alfalfa field we were scheduled to use.  Biff got on the phone and got the tractor stopped just in time, saving our event.  Good work Biff! Whew!

The Bird Dog Challenge mimics the "National Bird Dog Circuit" and is a challenge for dog and handler alike. We had a great turnout. The popularity of the Bird Dog Challenge continues to grow!

Overall, scores where up this year with some good hearted ribbing along the way.
Fun was had by all.


1st Mike Long & Stella 2nd Mark Scott & Shadow, 3rd Mark Scott & Angel
Open Retriever Podium
Photography by Verland Nolta

50th Anniversary Bird Dog Challenge Results

Open Pointer

1st place - Ed Marr & Abby
2nd place - Joe Artes & Pete
3rd place - Randy Domingos & Wyatt

Open Retriever

1st place -  Mike Long & Stella
2nd place - Mark Scott & Shadow
3rd place - Mark Scott & Angel

Congratulations to the winners.


San Diego Sporting Dog Club Classic

1st  Pointers - Mary Sarmiento & Abby

1st Retrievers - Mike Long & Stella

Photography by Verland Nolta

We had our "SDSDC Classic" at  Prado Recreation Dog Park.  Thanks to Ruth Weiss our event coordinator.  Thanks to our judges Verland Nolta and Pam Felgenhauer. Thanks to Ed Marr for the hotdog barbecue. Special thanks to the volunteers, the day went very smoothly.

We really lucked out and had a beautiful day with very nice breeze.
The dogs were scenting very well. It was a pleasure to watch.
Thanks to all the participants.
The dogs did very well and judging was tight.


SDSDC Classic Results

Pointing Dog Stake

1st place -  Mary Sarmiento and Abby
2nd place - Randy Domingos and Wyatt
3rd place - Ruth Weiss and Ava

Flushing Dog Stake

​ ​ 1st place - Mike Long and Stella
2nd place - Mary Sarmiento and Eleanor
3rd place - Biff Ellington and Raven

Companion Pointing Dog Stake​​

1st place - Mary Sarmiento and Link
2nd place - Ruth Weiss and Calvert
3rd place - Bryan Bonas and Bo

Companion Flushing Dog Stake

1st place - Donald Flanagan and Boomer
2nd place - Biff Ellington and Sasha
3rd place - Pam Felgenhauer and Reed

Congratulations to the winners.

SDSDC Banquet

The 50th anniversary Banquet was held in April. Pam Felgenhauer and Mary Sarmento put in tons of work and deserve our thanks.

A hip-hip-hooray to Verland Nolta, for a spectacular Master of Ceremonies for the event!
Verland also set up a great slide show.

Awards for the years events were distributed. The winners of the Classic will be enshrined on the perpetual trophies.

This year saw two new awards added to the club. Bryan Bonas’ Roxy won Dog of the Year. We lost Roxy this year. She was a dominant force to be reckoned with in the field and always a extreme pleasure to watch.

The other new award is Top Dog.

We have a new award for the Top Dog in the club for Retrievers and Pointers.  Points were awarded for finishing in the top 3 places of our events.  The dog with the most points after four events is “TOP DOG” for the year. A dog that participates has a better chance to score for top dog.

Congratulations to Mike Long and Stella Retriever Top Dog and Randy Domingos and Wyatt, Pointer SDSDC Top Dog!.

SDSDC Top Dog Results

Pointing Dog Stake

1st place -  Randy Domingos and Wyatt
2nd place - Mary Sarmiento and Abby
3rd place - Mike Moran and Annie

Flushing Dog Stake

​ ​ 1st place - Mike Long and Stella
2nd place - Glen Street and Magnum
3rd place - Donald Flanagan and Boomer

Thanks for the people who volunteered setting up and tearing down. Thanks for everyone who helped during the banquet!


SDSDC Member of the Year

The Club Member of The Year Award recognizes a club member who has strived above and beyond the normal call of duty for the club in a voluntary capacity during the year for the overall benefit of the club and its members. The award is presented annually at the awards banquet.

Our 50th Anniversary SDSDC Member of the Year is Verland Nolta for his work on all the events and making things happen!

Verland doesn’t own a dog but enjoys dogs/dog training and volunteering for the club. He got into the club because of his love of photography and photographing dogs in action. Congratulations DrV.


In the Field

DFW Junior Pheasant Hunt

Many thanks to everyone who helped make the 2017 DFW Junior Pheasant Hunt a success.

Volunteers contributed to the annual California Department of Fish and Wildlife Junior Heritage Pheasant Hunt at Oak Grove in January.  Thanks to all our dog handlers and bird planters that made this a great first hunt for the kids. 


Hunting License Instructors Pheasant Hunt

Volunteers brought their dogs out for a thank you hunt for Hunting License Instructors this Spring out at Buckman Springs.  Thanks all.


Rattlesnake Aversion Clinic

We held our annual Rattlesnake Aversion Clinic in May.  With the help of High On Kennels and Country Kennels we trained 76 dogs, a new club record!  Thanks to Joe Artes and Verland Nolta for coordinating, scheduling dogs and all the members and volunteers that contributed to this important training event.


Safety Shoot

Safety Shoot was rained out. Thanks to Joe Artes for all the planning.


Annual Club Picnic

We had our annual picnic on June 24th at El Monte Park. The weather and food was great. Thanks to our hosts and cooks Ed and Maureen Marr, and Donald Flanagan.



Wags and Brags

Certification for Dog Safety,
First Aid and CPR

Verland Nolta was certified in dog (and cat) safety, first aid and CPR.
Congratulations DrV.



The Board of Directors and General Meeting Reports

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