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We welcome you as a prospective member of the San Diego Sporting Dog Club. The object and purpose of this club is to further the advancement of all dogs and to actively promote the advancement of all sporting dogs by field training, classes, and associated activities. As a member, you will be expected to acquaint yourself with our methods of operation and follow the rules, especially as they pertain to safety.


$40.00 yearly dues.
$20.00 new member fee.

e-mail our Membership Chairman about membership

Dues are payable in the first of January and are delinquent after March 15th of each year. This application may also be presented in person to the membership chairman or Secretary at one of the regular meetings. Your application must be approved by the Board of Directors prior to your being accepted into membership. Applications will only be processed and reviewed once a check has been received for the total amount of membership.

Please complete the Membership Application below and bring it to our monthly meeting or an event.  All prospective members must present themselves to the Board of Directors before membership can be approved.

General Membership and Board Meeting
The second Wednesday of most months at 7:00PM, verify there will be a meeting by checking the current newsletter. 

Animal Medical Center
In the upstairs conference room.
600 Broadway, El Cajon



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