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Section 1 The name of the Club shall be San Diego Sporting Dog Club, Inc., and the club shall be guided by this Constitution and By-Laws of the San Diego Sporting Dog Club.


Section 2 The Board of Directors is charged with registering the San Diego Sporting Dog Club, Inc. with the proper authorities and resisting the unauthorized use of the Name.


Section 1 The object and purpose of the Club shall be:

To conduct activities, dog training and competitions under the Rules and Regulations of the San Diego Sporting Dog Club and the California department of Fish and Game. 

To actively promote the advancement and performance of all sporting dogs with field training classes and related activities.


Section 2 Incorporation

The Club shall incorporate as a nonprofit organization and maintain its incorporation in the state in which it is to operate.

The Club shall not be conducted or created for profit and no part of any profits or remainder of residue from dues or donations to the Club shall inure to the benefit of any member or individual.



Section 1 Membership

Membership in this Club shall be Single, or Husband, Wife and all children under eighteen (18) years of age. Members shall be eighteen years of age or older who subscribe to the purposes of this Club. Individuals submitting Membership applications must be 18 years of age or older for Membership consideration.


Section 2 Members shall subscribe to the purposes of this Club and be governed by its Constitution and By-Laws.


Section 3 Termination of Memberships

Membership in this Club may be terminated as follows:

By resignation tendered in writing or by e-mail to the Secretary. Verbal resignations will not be accepted. 

By indebtedness to the Club due to of failure to pay dues. 

Any member expelled more than three times shall not be eligible for reinstatement.

A former member wishing to be reinstated must present his name as a former member, which must be regularly presented and handled in the same manner as a new candidate.

Any behavior deemed by the Board of Directors to be detrimental to the Club. The Board of Directors, after considering the proper evidence, shall have authority to suspend or expel any member by a two- thirds majority for a period of not less than six months and not to exceed five years.


Section 4 Election to Membership:

Each applicant for membership shall apply on a form approved by The Board of Directors and which shall provide that the applicant agrees to abide by this Constitution and By-Laws and the Rules and Regulations of the San Diego Sporting Dog Club. The application must state the name(s), address, phone number and email address of the applicant. All prospective members are required to physically present themselves to the club at an event or meeting before they can be approved for membership. Initiation fee and current year's dues must accompany application.

All applications are to be filed with the Membership Chairman and the Board of Directors shall consider every application. Applications approved by the Board of Directors will be published in the following newsletter. Applicants for membership that have been rejected by the Club may not reapply within six months after rejection.

Section 5 Initiation and Dues:

Initiation fee shall be $20.00. The Board shall set annual dues. Annual dues are due and payable on or before the First of January each year and not later than the fifteenth day of March each year. Failure to pay dues by March 15th shall terminate membership.

Dues of any applicant voted to membership after July First shall be one-half of- the regular dues for the remainder of the calendar year.



Section 1 Meetings

Meetings of the Club shall be held on the second Wednesday of each month at the hour and place that shall be designated by the Board of Directors. 

With notification to the membership, meetings may be combined with an event or be cancelled by the Board of Directors. 


Section 2 Special Meetings

Special meetings may be called by the President at the request of a majority of the Board of Directors or by petition of the membership and shall be held at the time and place requested.


Section 3 Voting: 

Each active member (over the age of 18) shall be entitled to vote on each motion or proposal at regular or specially called meetings of the Club. 


Section 4 Notice of Meetings: 

The members shall be notified no less than five (5) days in advance of regular or specially called meetings by phone calls, a written mailed notice, email or by notice in a Club publication.


Section 1 Board of Directors:

a. The Board of Directors shall consist of the Club officers and four (4) additional members known as Directors, one of which is the retiring President.

b. The management of affairs, business, and property of the Club shall be vested in the Board of Directors.

At the first regular meeting of the Club where this Constitution and By-Laws is adopted, an initial Board of Directors shall be elected. Duties of those Directors shall commence immediately..


Section 2 Election: 

The election of Officers and Directors shall be by active members, the conduct of said election being the responsibility of the Nominating Committee. If an Officer or Board Member resigns before their term expires, that position shall be replaced at the discretion of the Board of Directors. 

The outgoing President will be the unelected 9th member of the Board of Directors for a term of 1 year.


Section 3 Meetings of the Board of Directors: 

The Directors shall hold meetings as they see fit, but in no event shall they be less than once in three calendar months, such meetings being open to active members. Special Board meetings may be called by the President or by the Secretary at a written request of three (3) members of the Board. Directors shall be notified in advance.


Section 4 Quorum: 

Four (4) of the officers actively serving the Board shall constitute a quorum at any Board Meeting.



Section1 Officers: 

The Officers shall be a President, two Vice-Presidents, a Secretary and/or Treasurer and four (4) Directors.


Section 2  Term of Office: 

Shall be for one year and no more than three consecutive years per position.


Section 3 Eligibility: 

Any active member in good standing of the Club is eligible to serve as an Officer.


Section 4  The President: 

Shall be present at all meetings of the members and meetings of the Board of Directors. He/She shall name the standing committees and be an ex-officio member of all committees.


Section 5 First Vice-President: 

Shall perform all the duties of the President in case of absence or disability of the latter. In the event both President and First Vice-President are absent or unable to perform their duties; the Second Vice-President shall assume these duties.


Section 6 Second Vice-President:

Will be the Membership Chairman whose duties will be to maintain the roster, process new membership applications, at the beginning of each year and contact current members to renew their memberships. In the event both President and First Vice-President are absent or unable to perform their duties; the Second Vice-President shall assume these duties. 


Section 7 The Secretary:

Shall keep the records and minutes of the meetings for both the Club and the Board of Directors, answer all general correspondence, operate and maintain the club e-mail account and issue all notices relating to the Club. Secretary will be the Chair Head for the Election Committee and will recruit other members to serve on the committee.


Section 8







Section 9




Section 10


Section 11

The Treasurer:

Shall receive and have custody of all funds and securities of the Club; shall pay all bills under regulations prescribed by the Board of Directors; shall keep full and accurate accounts; shall present a quarterly statement to the Board of Directors and at regular meetings report on financial standing of the Club. An annual report covering receipts and expenditures for the preceding fiscal year shall be presented to the Club and Board of Directors at the February Meeting. Checks written on behalf of the Club shall be signed by two (2) of the following: President, First Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and retiring President. 

Delegation of Duties:

The President may delegate specific duties to the two Vice-Presidents and to members of the Board of Directors. A Director will be expected to serve on at least one of the standing committees.

Newsletter and Website:

Any active member that wishes to volunteer may edit and produce the newsletter and website.

Gun Captain:

The President will assign the duty of Gun Captain to an active member of the SDSDC. The Gun Captain will report, to the Board of Directors, any issues relating to gun handling and gun safety. A Gun Captain will be present at all events held by the SDSDC in which the use of firearms is involved.


Section 1 Election Committee: 

The Nominating Committee Chairman shall be the Secretary, who in turn will select members from the members at large to assist him/her. The volunteers shall be selected at the August meeting. They shall serve a term of one year. The Nominating Committee will present a slate of Officers and Directors at the October meeting. The election of Officers shall take place at during November. Ballots will be sent out, via email, to General Membership and the votes are tallied and made “public” at December meeting. 

Officers and Directors elected will be installed at the January meeting.


Section 2 Committees: 

May be appointed by the President as they are needed and shall serve until they complete the project for which they were appointed, and render a final report in writing to the Board of Directors. 


Section 3  All Committees:

Shall consist of at least three (3) members. They are responsible to the Board and will make recommendations to the Board for action.



Section 1 Resignations: 

Any member of the Board of Directors or any committee member who fails to attend two (2) consecutive meetings, unless he/she has been previously excused by the President, may be asked to resign from the Board or committee, and for the common good of the SDSDC a replacement may be added to the Board of Directors for the remainder of the term of service with a vote of the remaining Board of Directors. This is to ensure that a full and active Board of Directors is available to conduct club business.



Section 1 Amendments: 

The Constitution and By-Laws may be amended by a majority of the members present and voting at any regular or special meeting called for that purpose; the proposed amendments must be embodied in the call for such meeting and mailed or e-mailed to each member ten days prior to the date of such meeting. 



Section 1 The Fiscal Year:

The Fiscal Year of the Club shall be the calendar year - January 1st through December 31st.


Section 2 Dissolution:

The Club may be dissolved at any time by written consent of not less than two-thirds of the members. In the event of dissolution of the Club, whether voluntary or involuntary, or by operation of law, none of the property of the Club nor any proceeds thereof, nor any assets of the Club shall be distributed to any member of the Club, but after payment of all debts of the Club, its property and assets shall be given to a Charitable organization for the benefit of dogs, elected by the Board of Directors.



Section 1 Rules of Order:

The parliamentary authority of the Club and the Board shall be Robert's Rules of Order Revised in all cases to which they apply and in which they are not inconsistent with these By-Laws.



Section 1 Waiver of Liability:

Club members must agree to sign a Waiver of Liability to participate in Club events. 

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